Journalism & Media Innovation

Monash Journalism plays a leading role in training the journalists and communicators of tomorrow. As one of the most dynamic journalism programs in Australia, our key strength lies in teaching a blend of real-world journalism practice and the study of journalism, fostering a culture of deep inquiry. With this approach, we aim to equip students to tell stories that move the world.

We are well aware that journalism and the communication industries need you as part of its future. Journalism needs you for your capacity to think critically and to scrutinize the evidence. To investigate the structural problems that permeate our society, as well as the solutions. Journalism needs your empathy. Your open mind. Your understanding of the need to uphold a free press in the service of democracy. And your desire to make a difference in the world.

Above all, journalism needs you for your passion to tell great stories – not just the ones the public wants to hear, but what the public needs to know.

What stories will you tell, during your studies at Monash Journalism and beyond? We can’t wait to find out.

Teaching Program

At Monash Journalism, students are taught by award-winning journalists and renowned academics in a multi-million-dollar, purpose-built facility at Caulfield campus.

In our Journalism practice stream, students learn how to write great stories for a range of news media. You will acquire foundational skills in reporting and producing the news for print, digital and broadcast media platforms, using cutting-edge technologies and powerful multimedia tools. You will learn a new way of writing – for print and social media, radio and podcasting, television and documentary, and you will gain core skills in news photography. And you will have unrivalled opportunities to intern with, and learn from, some of Australia’s leading newsrooms and industry players.

Our program combines journalism practice with critical enquiry. You will also gain a suite of skills in scholarly research, media literacy and professional communication. This is the focus of our Journalism Studies stream, where students are empowered to think critically about the powerful role and function of journalism in the digital age.

We aim to ensure our graduates are equipped to grapple with ongoing change in media and cultural industries, supported by a fundamental understanding of the social, cultural and historical factors that shape journalism now and tomorrow.

Monash Journalism students benefit from the innovative teaching and interdisciplinary research culture of the program. Our research draws on a wide range of scholarly disciplines to both create and interrogate the history and future of journalism. Our program’s ongoing research helps shape the compelling content for students.



Journalism Field Schools and Internships

Monash Journalism offers unprecedented opportunities to engage with journalism on our study tours, field schools, and internships.

As part of their studies, students can travel to a global media hub to learn first-hand how the world’s leading newsrooms are adapting to change, honing their reporting skills and broadening their understanding of international journalism.

Our international field schools have visited Washington and New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and London, and our study tours have partnered with non-government organisations to report from Cambodia and Nepal. More details can be found here.

Internships are a vital part of the Monash Journalism program – and work experience can count towards your degree. Each year, our students intern at a wide variety of leading urban and regional media outlets in Australia and abroad. These internships are an excellent way to build up a portfolio, make contacts in the industry and find out what it is like to be a journalist or to work in the media.

Student publishing

It is important for students to strive to publish their work. The award-winning university-run publishing platform Mojo News makes the students’ journalism available to the public. All work is supervised by experienced journalists on staff and Mojo News consistently produces journalism at industry standards. Mojo News stories from Monash students have been published or picked up by numerous media outlets including The Sunday AgeCrikey, New Matilda, VICE Magazine and many others.

Students run newsroom editorial meetings, pitch ideas and write stories, helping to build a portfolio and gain experience in a structured and supportive setting.

In addition, our Journalism program produces The Struggle, the student driven news satire program, which is televised by Channel 31.

Monash Journalism students consistently receive professional recognition in the nationally coveted Walkley and Quill awards, which celebrate the best student journalism in Australia.

Journalism at Monash is taught and practised in strict accordance with the MEAA Journalist Code of Ethics, a basis that helps us mentor students to be ready for publication in mainstream media. Our graduates have worked in key editorial positions worldwide, including News Corp, Fairfax, Nine, ABC, London newspapers and The South China Morning Post in Hong Kong.

Monash Media Lab

Monash Media, Film and Journalism students have a professional media environment right on campus - the Monash Media Lab, a facility consisting of:

  • a broadcast TV and video production studio;
  • three radio and sound production studios with a control-room/audio production and teaching suites;
  • a fully fitted newsroom;
  • editing suites;
  • two teaching laboratories