Journalism and the Monash Media Lab

Monash Media, Film and Journalism students have a professional media environment right on campus, the Monash Media Lab, a facility consisting of:

  • a broadcast TV and video production studio;
  • three radio and sound production studios with a control-room/audio production and teaching suites;
  • a fully-fitted newsroom;
  • editing suites;
  • two teaching laboratories


The below equipment is required by students who intend to undertake Journalism units remotely. This equipment is useful for all Journalism units, and necessary for Video Journalism.

  • DSLR camera or smartphone able to shoot video at a minimum of 1080p resolution and microphone connectivity;
  • Microphone, either lavalier or shotgun style (ideally both, but one of either will suffice);
  • Tripod for camera;
  • FiLMiC Pro App (iOS and Android. Download through App Store or Google Play) for those wishing to utilise their smartphone only