Monash University’s history program is one of the largest in Australia and enjoys an outstanding national and international reputation.  Monash is home to researchers and teachers with diverse expertise in American, Asian, Australian, European, Global, and Medieval & Renaissance History.

More than just dates and facts, history offers a discipline through which we can interpret and find meaning in the past. Through a variety of methodological and theoretical tools, historical studies tells us where we came from, who we are, and where we’re heading.

Teaching Program

In addition to offering an understanding of the world we live in, a degree in history provides a practical skill set that is transferable to a wide variety of careers. Research and writing skills are at the heart of historical inquiry, as is analytical thinking. Our students learn how to read critically, conduct research, write with clarity, and make persuasive evidence-based arguments. Whether in government work or the private sector, employers value the skills that an Arts degree in history provides.

Areas of study include

  • Asian History
  • American History
  • Australian History
  • Global History
  • Medieval and Renaissance History
  • Modern European History

Graduate students enjoy a rich teaching and research environment and a staff with strong interests in a range of historical subjects. Regular seminars are held, giving staff, postgraduate students and visitors the opportunity to present their current research and learn of the research of others.


Undergraduate studies

Undertaking honours in history at Monash will give you the opportunity to work closely with a distinguished scholar committed to helping you build your research and writing skills through the production of a thesis.

Our teaching approach creates pathways for students to progress from an undergraduate interest in History, to Honours, and then graduate research.

Graduate Research

Historical Studies Graduate Research is part of the Arts Graduate Research Program.


Monash is among the leading centres for historical research in Australia. We are known widely for our scholarship in several distinctive areas which include:

  • Urban life, religion and culture in a range of different historical periods
  • Local history and the changing meaning of neighbourhood and place in social, cultural and political terms
  • Biography, memory and life writing, focusing on the relationships between individual lives and broader historical patterns
  • Memory, history and community
  • European empire in Asia
  • Gender and sexuality
  • Colonialism and race

Through lectures, consultation on exhibits, and media projects, our historians engage the public and bring to life interesting and important stories of who we were and how we became this way.


Our History staff are award winning and possess outstanding national and international profiles. View all staff.

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