Crime is an issue which all citizens and governments confront on a daily basis. Many thousands of people in the public and private sectors are employed in dealing with the prevention and consequences of crime. They make important decisions about the daily lives and freedoms of thousands of citizens. The causes of crime and how it should be dealt with are the subject of intense debate.

Teaching Program

The Criminology program provides students with the skills to understand the complexities of crime, to learn about the various stages of the criminal justice system, to critically analyse its workings and tensions and to explore alternative strategies.

Students gain perspective on a range of issues of crime that impact large numbers of people, including sexual violence, gendered violence, punishment, criminal justice processes, marginalisation, hate crime, drugs, cybercrimes, risk and surveillance, victimisation and perpetration, crime prevention and transnational justice practices.

Students have the opportunity to develop the capacity for critical thinking along with a range of practical skills, allowing them to build careers across local, national and international criminal justice, within government and non-government organisations. These programs allow students to engage in context and gain a genuine understanding of the human realities behind the study of criminology.

International opportunities

Criminology research and teaching impacts locally, nationally and internationally, and when it comes to studying overseas, Monash Criminology has a range of study abroad options to offer a truly unique learning experience.

The Prato program offers students the chance to undertake intensive study in a historic European setting. The program is designed for students to increase their international criminological knowledge, learning from scholars, practitioners and human rights’ campaigners from across Europe.

In addition to studying in Prato, Monash Criminology students may also partake in other international study tours. The study tours provide opportunities to travel and meet criminal justice experts across Asia, Europe and the Americas, while visiting significant criminological sites and landmarks, through a selection of exclusive field trips.


Undergraduate studies

Graduate Research

Criminology graduate research is part of the Social and Political Sciences Graduate Research program.


The team of researchers in Criminology at Monash are leaders in their field, changing the way we think about justice in every setting across local, national and international contexts.

The Monash Criminology program is known for its global focus on crimes that cause widespread measurable harm. Monash criminologists are researching and producing new empirical and theoretical knowledge, setting the agenda for local, national and international responses to issues of crime that impact large numbers of people.

We are research leaders in global fields of inquiry including gendered violence, technology-facilitated abuse and harassment, migration and border regulation, human trafficking and the exclusion and exploitation of vulnerable populations, with an emerging profile in cybercrime and community crime prevention.

In addition, researchers in Criminology are involved in the following research centres:


Our academics in Criminology enjoy strong national and international profiles and pursue global interests. View all staff.

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