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If you work in the transport and traffic profession, or want to enter this dynamic field, this degree could be your passport to rewarding career opportunities.

All over the world, issues such as traffic congestion, safety, urban liveability, environmental impacts and the effectiveness of transport operations are everyday concerns. With transport and traffic systems under pressure to deliver better economic, social and environmental outcomes for the community there is a growing demand for professionals who are prepared to address these challenges.

The Master of Transport and Traffic gives you a pathway to new career opportunities in the private and public sector in areas including transport planning and policy, transport operations, public transport, traffic engineering and management.

Graduates from the program typically work as senior professionals in local, state and federal government agencies such as road and transport authorities, public and private sector transport operators and local and international consulting organisations.

Transport education and research programs have been offered by Monash University for more than 45 years. Over that period the program has developed a deserved international reputation for being academically rigorous and practical.

So if you work in the transport and traffic industry and want to upgrade your knowledge and skills, or are interested in joining this dynamic field, the Master of Transport and Traffic is a sound choice.

Vic Roads Prize

The program is well recognised in industry and the Masters program is supported by Vic Roads through a $1,000 prize in Transport and Traffic. The prize is awarded annually to a student completing the Masters.

Why study the Master of Transport and Traffic?

As a Master of Transport and Traffic Graduate you could develop into a transformational leader in the transport and traffic profession. You will explore the many dimensions of the transport and traffic field while being taught by world-class academics and you will learn alongside inspiring like-minded professionals.

Study when it suits you - combine full time work with part time study as you accelerate your career.

Study where you like - units are delivered on-line via distance education. There are no classes to attend. Through unit specific websites students have access to structured learning resources and complete a range of individual and/or group learning activities each week. The learning resources include video presentations, topic notes and required readings. Some units specify a required textbook. Interact on-line with academic staff and other students. You will submit your assignments on-line and take your exams at an exam venue close to your home.

Complete a work relevant project. In CIV5308 Transport and Traffic Systems Project you will plan, undertake and report on a work relevant project focussed on a topic of your choosing in the transport and traffic field. You will learn about other student's projects in the end of semester virtual conference and develop your capacity to provide peer feedback to your colleagues at the conference.

With the option to specialise in transport planning or traffic engineering, you can chart your own course of study to meet your professional needs and career aspirations.

Anita Curnow

An expert point of view

"I chose the Masters course at Monash University because I knew that in my chosen area of transport engineering, my undergraduate course had only been able to "scratch the surface" of the range of technical disciplines that underpin and interface with transport engineering.

During my masters course, I developed significant new skills in statistics, economic policy, and survey methods, as well as the core technical areas such as transport modelling, transport planning, and transport technology. I have used pretty much all of these in my career in the public sector since then. I would not be as conversant with experts across a range of technical areas without this input.

Since I completed my studies, the Institute of Transport Studies at Monash has significantly increased its focus on public transport systems, and my only regret is that I didn't get to study these!

I also made a strong network of professional contacts while studying as a postgraduate, and this has resulted in several ongoing connections that I still maintain. I do not know of another postgraduate offering in transport engineering in Australia with the breadth, depth and contemporary relevance of Monash Uni's course."

Anita Curnow | Executive Director, Policy and Programs