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Expert master degree

The Master of Biotechnology integrates biotechnology and entrepreneurship through a range of multidisciplinary coursework, research and work-integrated units in modern areas of studies.

Biotechnology revolutionises how we tackle global health issues, like combating disease, understanding our genetic makeup and harnessing our body’s regenerative potential. With this course you will explore the processes involved in funding research and translating biotechnological products from lab to life

Why study a Master of Biotechnology course at Monash?

Study biotechnology and learn from world leaders at the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute (ARMI) and get hands-on training in medical biotechnology and opportunities to apply this to an industry placement or research project. Monash is home to a vibrant technology precinct, neighboured by CSIRO and the Australian Synchrotron. Be part of this biotechnology hub, with access to cutting edge labs and research platforms

Industry placement

As part of your degree, you’ll have the opportunity to complete a six-month industry placement with a pharmaceutical, medical device, life science or regulatory organisation. Through your industry placement, you’ll build your future career networks.

Research project

Monash is recognised globally for research excellence. As part of the Master of Biotechnology you can choose to complete a research project in regenerative medicine or medical biotechnology, where you’ll be matched with an expert supervisor. Completing the research stream of this course can be used as a pathway to a PhD.

  • Cartherics
  • Sequirus
  • Specialised Therapeutics
  • Western Health

Monash Technology Precinct

The Monash Technology Precinct is one of the largest and most diverse technology and innovation clusters in the world. It brings together clinical, scientific and technical expertise and is home to a thriving biotech and medtech ecosystem. This enables Monash and our partners to drive the development of new devices and therapies to improve patient care.

Career Opportunities in Biotechnology

Our graduates can pursue work in a range of areas, including:

  • Biotechnology companies and start-ups
  • Medical device companies
  • Patents offices
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Regenerative medicine
  • Regulatory agencies.
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  • On-campus at Clayton: Full time & part time
Depending on prior qualifications, this course can be completed in 1 or 2 years (full time)
Start date
First Semester (February), Second Semester (July)
Master of Biotechnology
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"Monash is core to Australia's reputation for biomedical innovation. Advances in regenerative medicine, state of the art platforms, placements with industry and proximity to world class partners have established the University as the centre of Victoria's rapidly expanding biotechnology hub." Professor
Margaret Gardner AO, President and VC

Let us take you on a virtual journey

Immerse yourself in the world of Monash Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences. Explore our FishCore facility, attend a lecture or work in one of our state-of-the-art medical research labs.

Meet Professor Peter Currie

Master of Biotechnology course coordinator and director of the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute.

Be at the forefront of regenerative medicine and healthcare innovation.

Work in one of Victoria's fastest growing sectors

Get hands-on training in medical biotechnology and opportunities to apply your skills in a research project or industry placement, where you’ll build your professional network.

Entry Requirements

You need to satisfy the following entrance requirements to be considered for entry to this course.

Minimum Entry Requirements (Domestic students)


Entry level 1:
Duration: 2 years full-time, 4 years part-time (96 points to complete)

An Australian bachelor degree (or equivalent) in a relevant area of study* with at least a credit (60%) average.

Entry Level 2:
Duration: 1 years full-time, 2 years part-time (48 points to complete)

An Australian bachelor honours degree (or equivalent) in a relevant area of study* with at least a distinction (70%) average.

*Areas of study include a Bachelor’s degree in one of the following:Biomedical Science, Science/Applied Science with a major in (Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Developmental biology, Human Biology, Marine Biology, Human Pathology, Genetics, Pharmacology, Immunology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Physiology and Zoology), Nutrition Sciences, Dietetics, Veterinary Science, Medical Engineering, Pharmacy, Bioengineering, Biotechnology, Life Science, Clinical Medicine, Dental Science/Dentistry, or Bioinformatics.

English requirements

Applicants must also meet the English language requirements.

University entrance requirements

Minimum entrance requirements for admission to Monash University Australia.

The course is structured in two parts: Part A: Core Biotechnology studies and Part B: Application studies

Making the application

Future students

Semester one (February)

Apply directly to Monash using course code M6030


Semester two (July)

Apply directly to Monash using course code M6030


Self assess for credit eligibility

Check for study credit using the "Credit search" link on the Credit for prior study page


Fees are subject to change annually.

Full fee

Fees are per 48 credit points which represents a standard full-time course load for a year.


Fee assistance

As a full fee-paying student, you may be eligible to apply for the optional FEE-HELP to assist you to pay all or part of your tuition fees.


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Other costs and fees

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