Pharmaceutical Science Advanced - P3002

Monash has designed this advanced version of the Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science for high-achieving students who expect to pursue honours studies and a career in pharmaceutical science. A flexible course, it covers the multi-disciplinary chemical and biological science base used in researching and developing reliable, accessible and effective medicinal products.

A pharmaceutical scientist is trained to select new targets for drug therapy that arise from basic research. As a pharmaceutical scientist you will have the scientific and technical knowledge to translate new targets into reliable, accessible and effective treatments for patients.

The honours program

Your studies will culminate in the honours research program, designed to extend your discipline knowledge and provide you with a high level of expertise in critical writing, thinking and independent analysis and research. You'll gain practical and theoretical training in planning, undertaking and documenting scientific research projects.

The chance to specialise

During the first two years you will develop your understanding of the foundations of pharmaceutical science and of the relationships between the different disciplines and their distinct roles in drug discovery and development. This will prepare you to choose your specialisation from one of the following fields:

  • Drug discovery biology: the discovery and understanding of biological drug targets, and their modulation by chemicals and other substances.
  • Medicinal chemistry: the principles and techniques behind drug discovery and development
  • Formulation science: the invention, manufacture and testing of new products such as pharmaceuticals, food and cosmetics

Be job ready

The course encourages the development of strong research, communication, life-long learning and team work skills and provides practical and theoretical training in planning, undertaking and documenting scientific research projects.

Use industry standard instrumentation

Studying with one of the largest and most productive groups of pharmaceutical researchers in Australia, you will graduate having worked in industry-standard facilities, such as our Shimadzu high-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) lab.

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Course Details

  • On-campus at Parkville: Full time
  • 4 years (full time)
Start date
Semester one (February)
Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science Advanced (Honours), Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science Advanced (Honours) (Scholars Program)
Course Handbook

Scholars program

We are excited to announce a new pharmaceutical science course offering for very high-achieving students - the Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science (Advanced Honours) Scholars Program. This program follows the structure of the four-year Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science (Advanced Honours) course, and includes exclusive invitations to the Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences seminar series, and a Dean's function. Domestic students are also eligible for a $6,000 per year scholarship.

The indicative ATAR for the course for 2020 is 98.

Please note that the Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science Scholars Program has a different VTAC code than the standard Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science Advanced with Honours. We encourage you to apply for both courses rather than just the Scholars Program to ensure you don’t miss your chance of receiving an offer.

Why choose Advanced (Honours)

Why that extra year on the end of your BPharmSci is worth it.

Designing a vaccine for SARS-CoV-2

Less than two years ago, Asuka was finishing off his undergraduate degree. Now he’s working to solve the biggest health crisis of our lifetimes.

Daisy Spark

Daisy reveals how her honours project in Drug Discovery Biology sparked a love for research.

Adventures in pharmaceutical science: Lauren

Monash Research Fellow Lauren talks about her work on designing a new medicine that can activate the protective properties of adenosine receptors without decreasing heart rate.

Adventures in pharmaceutical science: Anubhav

Monash Research Fellow Anubhav talks about harnessing the power of chemistry and biology to create a new medicine to treat malaria.

A focus on employability

Job-readiness is woven through everything pharmaceutical science students do. Once a year we spend an entire week on building relationships with employers.

Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements (International students)

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