Politics, Philosophy and Economics and Arts - A2013

This double degree combines the deep focus of the Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy (PPE) and Economics and the flexibility of the Bachelor of Arts. The PPE is an elite program designed for deep thinkers who want to have a real impact. By studying at the creative intersection between three disciplines Politics and governance, Philosophy and Economic analysis, you’ll learn how to transform big ideas into tangible results.

The Bachelor of Arts is your comprehensive gateway to a wide range of fascinating and rewarding areas of study across the arts, humanities, and social sciences. Designed to give you maximum flexibility and choice, this course opens the doors to deeply enriching experiences, including local and international internships, professional engagements and entrepreneurial opportunities. At end of first year, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in the Global Immersion Guarantee (GIG), a funded overseas experience to either India, Indonesia, Italy, China or Malaysia.

The BPPE has a unique Industry Advisory Board consisting of all Monash University global alumni from across government and corporate sectors. The Advisory Board brings real-world knowledge, insight and advice to connect theory and learning with what industry needs so our students graduate with career ready skills. Members include Dr Ian MacFarlane AC (6th Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia), Prof Allan Fels AO (inaugural Chair of the ACCC), Dewi Wahab (Indonesian Ambassador to Denmark), Dr Waleed Aly (Broadcaster), and many more.

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  • On-campus at Clayton: Full time
  • 4 years (full time)
Start date
First Semester (February), Second Semester (July)
Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics
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Study a Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics

Want to make a real impact on your world? Hear student, academic and industry experts explain how studying a PPE can help you #CHANGEIT.

Where could this degree take you?

With new cross-disciplinary knowledge and experience, you could work as a:

  • Political analyst
  • Economist
  • Civil society leader
  • Global opportunities, industry experience

    The course offers a global study tour exposing you to the dynamics of shifting economics and world politics, and includes an Industry Advisory Board guiding the direction and development of the course.

    Victorian Parliamentary Internship Program

    Gain inside experience like no other working under the supervision of a Member of Parliament. Offered to Politics students, you will have academic credit towards your degree.

    Bachelor and Master’s Program

    Take advantage of the most extensive bachelor and master’s program offering in Australia. Monash Arts offers you the opportunity to complete both a bachelor’s degree plus a master’s degree in just four years – instead of five.

    A Different Lens: The rise of populism

    Our academics from the Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics are at the forefront of research into the systems that govern our lives.

    Career paths with Monash Arts

    Bachelor of Arts graduates gain universal skills that are welcome in a wide range of fields:

  • Sustainability
  • Foreign affairs
  • Gallery curating
  • Prepare for the future with a Bachelor of Arts

    With an Arts degree at Monash you will develop practical skills and a global mindset, acquiring the skills to change the world. Follow James and Stevie as they discover a few of the endless opportunities an Arts degree can offer.

    Global Immersion Guarantee (GIG)

    GIG is an award-winning initiative that will enable you to explore first-hand the relationships between society, technology and the environment. It’s a two-week, funded study trip for all eligible first-year Monash single or double degree students to one of six destinations.

    Entry Requirements

    Entry Requirements (International students)

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    Alternative pathways

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    Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics

    Part A. Analysis, strategy and leadership (24 points)

    You will develop a foundational understanding of politics, philosophy and economics as a complex phenomenon, its social, economic and political impact, and the advantages and limitations associated with different strategies to address it and the perspectives you need to make a real impact.

    Part B. Politics, philosophy and economics (PPE) specialist knowledge (72 points)

    These units will provide in-depth knowledge of the specific facet of PPE that comprises your specialisation, providing you with the practical and theoretical skills and knowledge needed to critically analyse, communicate and apply your disciplinary knowledge.

    Bachelor of Arts

    Part A. Arts specified study (48 points)

    This will expose you to several arts disciplines areas of study contributing breadth to your knowledge of the arts, humanities and social sciences. It will also give you the opportunity to learn about several areas of study before finalising your choice of major and minor.

    Part B. Arts listed major (48 points)

    This will provide you with a focused program of study that will develop your practical and theoretical skills and knowledge in one Faculty of Arts listed major area of study. You will learn to critically analyse, apply and communicate an advanced level of understanding of the concepts and theoretical frameworks that constitute the knowledge base of the area of study.

    Making the application

    Future students

    Semester one (February)

    Apply directly to Monash using course code A2013


    Current Monash students

    You may apply to transfer from another Monash course. Transfers are a competitive process. You may apply mid-year for available courses however consideration will be given as to whether you will be able to follow your course progression.

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