A collaboration for best-practice regulation

A collaboration for best-practice regulation

The team at Monash’s Better Governance and Policy work towards building effective relationships between Monash University researchers and key stakeholders. In 2020, Victoria’s Commissioner for Better Regulation informed the team of a gap she and others perceived in the training of regulators in the state.

Following initial conversations, Monash University together with Better Regulations Victoria developed a design for a professional development short course – Leadership for Regulators. This course also has an assessed version which allows participants to receive credit towards a Monash Graduate Certificate of Public Policy or a Master of Public Policy degree.

When the course was ready for delivery, Better Regulation Victoria held a launch event, where the Public Sector Commissioner encouraged staff in state government agencies to enrol in the course.

During course delivery, senior staff from Better Regulation Victoria attended each module and contributed to the discussions. Course participants had the opportunity to present their projects to senior regulatory leaders and receive valuable feedback and commentary.

This collaboration has allowed Monash University to ensure the course meets a crucial public sector training need. The current times remind us of the importance of effective regulatory leadership. In a speech prepared for the launch of the course, the Hon. Danny Pearson, Victorian Minister for Regulatory Reform said:

This course is a truly impressive outcome brought about through goodwill on both sides: a classic “win-win” that will support Victoria’s regulators, make an important contribution to our regulatory outcomes, and maintain Victoria’s reputation as a leader of pragmatic regulatory reforms’.

This collaboration has enabled the course to be set up to offer participants a distinctive learning experience and equip Victorian public servants with skills to tackle the complex challenges of our time. Reflecting on the course, a participant noted:

‘It’s a very interesting course, with lots of opportunities for reflection on your own practices in response to discussion and case studies.

To learn more about this short course including key learning objectives and assessment, please visit the Leadership for Regulators course page.

Written by:

Professor Michael Mintrom, Director Better Governance and Policy, and course leader.