Fundamentals of Clinical Coaching (FCC) - PDM1160

The aim of the course is to develop the coaching skills of clinicians. The major content is the provision of knowledge on theory and key concepts in professional coaching and opportunities to develop the skills for enactment of high-quality clinical coaching. The teaching and learning activities are diverse and include reactions to readings and other learning resources (recorded lectures/conversations between experts), reflections on experiences, case study development and analysis, self-directed research, peer and expert review, role-play activities in triumvirates, observational practice, vodcast/podcast development and more. The course provides a strong theoretical underpinning and enables opportunities for practice.


$2200 (incl GST) without assessment
$2700 with assessment

Learning Outcomes

  1. Distinguish coaching from other educational/training approaches (e.g. supervision, mentoring, teaching, lecturing, counselling etc.)
  2. Describe the GROW model of coaching
  3. Demonstrate coaching skills such as deep listening, questioning, goal setting, facilitating reflection and feedback
  4. Apply educational theories and concepts to clinical coaching practices
  5. Critically review the benefits and limitations of coaching in clinical practice
  6. Plan a strategy for developing and maintaining coaching skills

Assessment tasks

Assessment task 1: Participation in online submissions (weekly) (30%)

Assessment task 2: Review of targeted coaching strategies (1200-1500 words) (20%)

Assessment task 3: Recorded coaching session (up to 45 minutes) (40%)

Assessment task 4: Written reflection on coaching session (800-1000 words) (10%)

Accelerate your qualification

Eligible participants who complete the assessed version of this short course can receive 6 credit points towards the M6038 Master of Health Professions Education and M6039 Master of Clinical Simulation