Commerce and Science - B2023

Every scientific breakthrough is accompanied by a complex transition from the laboratory to the community, and the corporate world is increasingly influenced by scientific advances and developments.

A double degree course in Commerce and Science gives you the skills to commercialise scientific research or outcomes, or apply commercial knowledge in scientific business or research environments.

Within this double, you have the opportunity to develop the technical and research skills required across scientific fields, while also having a strong understanding of the commercial realities of research as a business. You can combine your majors to explore existing areas of interest or to develop new ones.

This course leads to two separate degrees:

  • the Bachelor of Commerce, and
  • the Bachelor of Science.

You will gain all the benefits of each degree course and be fully equipped to pursue a career in either field separately or combine the two in your chosen work.

The combinations are endless:

  • pursue your mathematical talents with majors in Applied Mathematics and Actuarial Studies or Econometrics, which could lead to an academic career or the development of new mathematical models and principles
  • blend studies in Environmental Science or Ecology and conservation biology with a Commerce major in Sustainability and introduce sustainable practices into the community or across organisations
  • turn majors in Pharmacology and Marketing Science into a successful career marketing new medications or scientific breakthroughs.

You will develop strong commercial skills that will enable to you manage an organisation or contribute to the commercial aspects of scientific research. You'll also have strong technical skills to undertake scientific work in your area of expertise.

The combination of Commerce and Science will also give you the skills that employers are looking for, such as communication, teamwork, research and critical thinking - and you'll be able to draw on cross disciplinary perspectives to thrive in a broad range of settings.

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  • On-campus at Clayton: Full time
  • 4 years (full time)
Start date
First Semester (February), Second Semester (July)
Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Science
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A double degree in Commerce and Science could give you the unique skills to commercialise scientific outcomes and apply commercial knowledge in scientific research environments. Find out how it works.

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