Entry schemes

At Monash, we know that your ATAR might not accurately reflect your academic ability. Life can be a bumpy road, and can sometimes get in the way of your academic achievements.

No matter the circumstances, we recognise and support talent. That's why we offer two schemes – the Monash Guarantee and the Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS) – that can help you enter your preferred course, even if your ATAR is below the lowest selection rank.

Where do I start?

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The Monash Guarantee

Most undergraduate courses at Monash have a Monash Guarantee ATAR, which is lower than the expected selection rank for that course. If you are eligible for the Monash Guarantee, achieve the Monash Guarantee ATAR for your chosen course (starting at 70.00), and meet all the course entry requirements, you are guaranteed an offer in the course.

You could be eligible for the Monash Guarantee scheme if you:

Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS)

SEAS adjusts your selection rank by considering circumstances that may have affected your secondary education. This gives you a better chance of getting an offer for the course you want.

Your selection rank starts with your ATAR and adjusts this number up depending on the severity of your circumstances.

Monash uses your selection rank (adjusted ATAR) when making offers for course entry.

Monash Indigenous Entry Scheme

The Indigenous Entry Scheme offers Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander applicants admission to a range of undergraduate courses with a significantly lower ATAR requirement (an achieved ATAR of 50+, higher for some courses).

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