Monash Professional Development

Monash Professional Development

Monash is professional development your way. Explore our flexible options built for you to upskill, expand your knowledge and unlock your potential to a rewarding career.

From fast-tracking skills through masterclasses and short courses, to executive MBAs and tailored program solutions for organisations, at Monash we can help you and your business thrive.

Bringing together world-leading research, expertise in academia, and strong industry connections, Monash delivers education and training from the best minds to build your career, your business and your industry.Explore our course and program options across a range of formats and faculties.

Monash Professional Development programs run by professionals

Choosing Monash means you are part of one of the world’s leading universities, giving you access to the best in facilities, research and thinking. You’ll be taught by leading educators who don’t just understand the latest research and industry trends, but are often directly leading it.