Chinese studies

Chinese studies is one of the largest language programs at Monash University. It is taught at the Clayton campus and off-shore during Summer. The Chinese studies undergraduate major offers different entry points to cater for the diverse proficiency and background needs of students today. Our program aims to equip all students with language and translation skills, as well as in-depth knowledge of Chinese culture and society.

Teaching Program

Chinese studies is a multidisciplinary program that provides students with rigorous language training and the knowledge and skills essential for the study of modern and contemporary China.

The Chinese studies program is designed to enable students to develop a high level of communicative competence in the Chinese (Mandarin) language, including translation skills. There are the options of the Chinese language major and Chinese translation major, language and translation minors and extended majors.

At Monash, the study of the Chinese language is strongly supported by offerings on Chinese culture, society and politics available both within the School of Languages, Literatures, Cultures and Linguistics and in other schools of the Faculty of Arts, for example: The fall and rise of modern China: from opium war to opening up.

The Program also provides graduate supervision on a wide range of China-related research topics that reflect the expertise of its academic staff.


Undergraduate studies

Master's by coursework

Graduate Research

Find out more about the Arts Graduate Research Program.

Complete an entry level test to determine which unit you will be placed in, and find out more on the language framework Chinese studies page.


China research interests at Monash range over many areas of culture, politics and society with a focus on developments in modern and present-day China as well as the Chinese-speaking world. Individual and collaborative research projects include:

  • Chinese language teaching and Chinese applied linguistics
  • Chinese media studies
  • Chinese aesthetics and literary studies
  • Chinese translation and interpreting
  • Modern and contemporary Chinese thought
  • Studies of Republican-era China
  • Studies of the Chinese Communist Party


Our academics in Chinese studies enjoy strong national and international profiles and pursue global interests. View all staff.

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