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Master of Mathematics

Mathematics is inseparable from life as we know it

An expert master’s that opens many doors to further studies or industry

Mathematics underpins our way of life and our prosperity. Its importance ranges from fundamental developments enabling new technologies, to theories backing up scientific research to analysis of our physical and societal environments.

From governments to financial and research institutions, employers today are seeking people with advanced knowledge and skills in mathematics who are able to play a critical role in strategic and analytical decision-making and problem-solving.

The Monash Master of Mathematics is designed for graduates with a bachelor’s degree and a strong foundation in mathematics.

A combination of coursework and project work, this program will appeal to students who love mathematics and want to embark on a career in education or research.

It is also suitable for people who seek to develop and deepen their knowledge and skills in mathematics, and develop the capacity to use them to tackle complex problems in a variety of situations.

The flexible coursework offering ensures students can create a program to suit their interests, from pure mathematics that develops the core theory, to statistics and applied and computational mathematics that extend this theory to bring practical solutions to real-world problems. Graduates of the program possess advanced knowledge and skills that make them employable in industry, or prepare them for doctoral studies.

This master's course caters to various backgrounds, and allows for three entry points and programs (96 points over 2 years, 72 points over 18 months and 48 points over one year), depending on the applicant’s previous studies.

For more information please read our Handbook.

Course structure

Choose from a wide range of units in Pure mathematics, Applied and Computational mathematics and statistics. Students can complement their discipline studies with professional development learning including units in data exploration and visualisation.

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  • Part A. Foundation studies (24 points)

    These studies strengthen the student's foundations in the field of mathematics. Students will choose studies that complement their current knowledge of mathematics, in one or more of the areas of Statistics, or Pure, Applied and Computational mathematics. Students must complete four units (24 points) in mathematics not previously completed in their undergraduate studies, choosing from a range of units including topology, functional analysis and network mathematics.

    For further details please refer to the Course Handbook.

  • Part B. Intermediate studies (24 points)

    These studies consolidate the student's knowledge in one or more fields in mathematics. Students can choose from a range of units ranging from advanced graph theory, integer programming to interest rate modelling and must complete four units (24 points).

    For further details please refer to the Course Handbook.

  • Part C. Advanced studies
    (48 points)

    These studies provide students with advanced knowledge in modern theories and applications of mathematics which will enable students to bring innovative solutions to problems within or outside mathematics. Through a research project students will develop project management and independent research skills.

    For further details please refer to the Course Handbook.


Upon completion of this Master’s, students will gain a deeper knowledge of Mathematics which can open doors to a range of careers from academia, data analysis, and mathematical modelling to quantitative analysis and more. This Master's can also be used to prepare students for a PhD.

    • Progression to further studies

      This degree may serve as a pathway to a higher degree by research. Learn more about Graduate Research Study options, scholarship opportunities, how to find a supervisor, and how you can apply for a graduate research course at Monash.

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