Master of Data Science - C6009

Data Science

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Turn information into innovation for a better future. 

The information age is here, and Indonesia is poised to make the most of the opportunities presented through harnessing the potential of big data. As it confronts the challenges of rapid urban growth, poverty stagnation and rising inequality, data translation and application will be critical in developing policy, infrastructure and innovation to support sustainable and lasting progress.

The need for skilled, inventive and experienced data scientists who have lived and breathed the Indonesian context, but operate with a global perspective, will only continue to grow.

Our Master of Data Science is the only degree of its kind delivered by a global University on the ground in Indonesia, and provides creative, forward-thinking, empathetic professionals with an exceptional and practical education in data science, focusing on analysis and application for real-world issues in real-world settings.

This course looks at the role of data in developing and improving every aspect of life in Indonesia, preparing graduates to strive confidently into the growing number of roles for data scientists in the public and private sectors, across areas as diverse as health tracing, cybersecurity, counter-terrorism, food security, tech start-ups and trade.

Students will graduate with an internationally competitive degree from world-renowned Monash University, enhancing their English language, networking and collaboration skills along the way.

Working together with other professionals and through industry and research projects, students will learn to use data science to develop, commercialise and implement new ideas and innovations to positively progress the way Indonesians live, work, connect and consume.

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Documentation required to complete your application is outlined in the Application and Fees section.

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Hear from our alumni

Dr Irvan Bastian Arief       

I am a proud Monash graduate who had the opportunity to share my study experiences not only with brilliant and motivated classmates but also knowledgeable and friendly tutors and lecturers. The academics were a real stand-out for me as they have worked in the industry and bring so much industry-related knowledge and experience, which is distinct to Monash.

Monash is now in Indonesia, offering courses that cater to and are crafted specifically for the local audiences, combining local talent with global quality and mindset. This unique blend will not only boost the student experience but also nurture graduates to be the globally-ready workforce, capable of becoming the agents of transformation for Indonesia and the Southeast Asia region.

As one of the tech industry leaders in Indonesia, I am confident that the presence of Monash in Indonesia will bring a tech-revolution mindset and with it, a homegrown horde of tech talent.

Dr Irvan Bastian Arief, Associate Vice President of Data Science, | 2020 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award

Master of Business Information Systems Professional, Faculty of Information Technology

At a glance

Course Details


Location: Monash Indonesia

Qualification: Master of Data Science

1.5 or 2 years full-time / 3 or 4 years part-time (estimated) depending on prior qualifications. See entry requirements.
Start date
2022 intake: October
Course Handbook

The Master of Data Science prepares you for a career in data science giving you the skills needed to deal effectively within the areas of data analysis, data management or big data processing. The course includes topics in statistical and exploratory analysis, data formats and languages, processing of massive data sets, management of data and its role and impact in an organisation and society.

Entry Requirements

You need to satisfy the following entrance requirements to be considered for entry to this course.

Minimum entrance requirements for admission to Monash University.

Minimum Entry Requirements (Domestic students)


Depending on prior qualifications:

Entry level 1

Duration: 2 years full-time, 4 years part-time (96 credit points to complete / 16 subjects)

An Australian undergraduate degree, not necessarily in IT, with at least a 60% average, or qualification deemed by the faculty to be a satisfactory equivalent.

Entry level 2

Duration: 1.5 years full-time, 3 years part-time (72 credit points to complete / 12 subjects)

An Australian undergraduate degree in a cognate discipline relating to IT, or a business, engineering or science degree with an IT major including programming, databases, and mathematics, with at least a 60% average, or qualification deemed by the faculty to be a satisfactory equivalent.

English requirements

Applicants must also meet the English language requirements.

We offer a packaged English program for students who need help prior to commencing their course.

Intake for October 2022*

  • MEB program commencement date: To be advised
  • Program completion date: To be advised

The English Language program will be delivered online through the Monash Virtual classroom. Delivery is a combination of online teacher- led instruction and self-directed learning.

Class hours: Approximately 12 hours distributed across each week, including Saturdays plus extra self-study

The fee for the English Language Program is: IDR 20.8 million.

*Details are subject to change

Monash Indonesia students will typically complete their course across four x six-week teaching periods.  Each teaching block is followed by a one week study period and a one week final assessment period.

The course has been designed so that students who wish to remain working full-time may do so as the classes are run on weekends and out of hours on weekdays.

Your academic plan will determine the number of subjects you take.

  • Full time students typically take 2 subjects per teaching period (a subject is equal to 6 credit points)
  • Part time students typically take 1 subject per teaching period.

To graduate with a full Masters degree students take 12 or 16 subjects depending on prior qualifications and their personal academic plan.

Students  may exit early and still obtain a qualification.*

There are two exit points in most programs. Minimum requirements for each are below:

  • Graduate Certificate (4 completed subjects / 24 credit points)
  • Graduate Diploma (8 completed subjects / 48 credit points)

* Providing that students have met the minimum course requirements for each exit point. Students are advised to discuss their plans with their course advisor.

The course is structured in three parts, A, B and C. All students complete Part B (core studies). Depending upon prior qualifications, you may receive credit for Part A (foundation studies) or Part C (advanced studies) or a combination of the two.

Note that if you are eligible for credit for prior studies you may elect not to receive the credit.

Term 1 2021 timetable*

CourseUnit nameUnit codeDayDateStart timeEnd timeTeaching mode
Master of Data Science
Introduction to databases ITI9132 Tuesday 5/10/2021,12/10/2021,
19:00 20:00 Live Stream 
   Thursday 7/10/2021,14/10/2021,
19:00 20:00 Live Stream 
   Saturday 9/10/2021,16/10/2021,
08:00 10:00 Live Stream 
   Saturday 9/10/2021,16/10/2021,
13:00 15:00 Live Stream
Algorithms and programming foundations in Python ITI9136 Wednesday 6/10/2021,13/10/2021,
19:00 21:00 Live Stream 
   Saturday 9/10/2021,16/10/2021,
10:00 12:00 Live Stream
   Saturday 9/10/2021,16/10/2021,
16:00 18:00 Live Stream

*Monash University, Indonesia is committed to adapting our teaching and learning, campus experiences and operations to ensure the health and safety of our community while giving the best education delivery to our students. Due to current COVID-19 restrictions in Jakarta and South Tangerang, Term 1 will commence online until restrictions allow onsite education. Our commitment to give you the great quality of education experience will be our priority. We will keep our Indonesia campus community informed as the situation continues to evolve and look forward to welcoming you to our new campus as soon as it is safe to do so"

Credit pathways to other degrees

You may be eligible to transfer from your course in Indonesia to a similar course in Australia. Your course plan must accommodate this as an option, including your timetable or credit requirements.

If you study the Master of Data Science in Indonesia, you may be eligible to transfer to the Master of Data Science in Australia.

Please note that there may also be fee differences between locations.

Making the application

Future students

2022 Intake (October)

Apply directly to Monash using course code C6009

Application closing dates to be advised

For all intakes applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible so that Monash can discuss your personal circumstances.

When submitting your application online, please provide:

  • academic documentation, including academic transcripts, graduation certificates and grading scales (indicating graduation requirements).
  • You may also need to provide evidence of your English proficiency, e.g. IELTS or TOEFL or PTE test results (if applicable).
  • If your qualifications are in a language other than English, you must provide certified translated copies. Monash prefers NAATI qualified translators.

You will be required to provide original or certified academic documentation (or other supporting documents) upon request. Should you fail to provide them, your enrolment may be cancelled.

Monash University reserves the right to refuse documentation on the grounds of incorrect certification and translation. For further information on documentation and certification, please refer to the following website.


Current Monash students

You may apply to transfer from another Monash course. Transfers are a competitive process. You may apply mid-year for available courses however consideration will be given as to whether you will be able to follow your course progression.

Please note that if you apply for a course transfer, you should still enrol in your current course as if you were continuing so as not to jeopardise your enrolment in the Faculty if your transfer application is unsuccessful. More about Course Transfer.

Self assess for credit eligibility

If you have completed any relevant previous study, work experience or other learning, you can be assessed for credit towards a course at Monash. You may check your credit eligibility using the "Credit search" link on the Credit for prior study page.


IDR 26 million per 6 credit point unit. Fees quoted are for Indonesian nationals.

To graduate with a Masters degree students take 72 or 96 credit points depending on prior qualifications and their personal academic plan.

Total cost of a Master of Data Science degree is

  • 72 credit points: IDR 312 million
  • 96 credit points: IDR 416 million

Please note that fees are subject to change annually.

Fees are to be paid prior to course commencement.


To commemorate the opening of our Monash Indonesia campus, we will be offering our inaugural cohorts of students a ‘Monash Indonesia Welcome Grant’ with 15% reduction of your tuition fee if you enrol full-time (12 credit points per term), or 7.5% reduction if you enrol part-time (6 credit points per term).

These amounts are awarded as credit towards tuition fees and are subject to Monash terms and conditions.