Monash Asylum Seekers Scholarship

Monash Asylum Seekers Scholarship

Are you an asylum seeker on a bridging visa? If you are a high-achieving student with the ambition to change your future, you may be eligible for the Monash Asylum Seekers Scholarship. You will receive 100% international student funding for the Monash undergraduate degree of your choice plus a yearly allowance of $5000.

Monash has increased the number of these scholarships available thanks to the generous donations from Alumni and supporters of the University through the Achieving Potential fund.


Close 20 December 2018

Total scholarship value

Full course fees plus up to $25,000 allowance

Number offered

Varies (Depending on funding)

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Pouya Heidari

Monash Asylum Seekers Scholarship

Pouya Heidari: Seeking a brighter future

Being on a bridging visa, Pouya Heidari, an asylum seeker from Iran, was not eligible for a publicly funded education and could certainly not afford the $34,000 annual fees of his chosen course.

Thanks to the Monash Asylum Seeker Scholarship, Pouya is able to pursue his dreams of being an astrophysicist. He is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Science at Monash University and well on his way to a future he had previously only dreamed about.

“This scholarship has changed the path of my life. Without it I would not be able to study at Monash. After I graduate I want to help other people with the things that I have learned at university.” Read more

Am I eligible?

You must be one of the following:

  • An International student

You must meet the following criteria:

  • A person who is in Australia and has made an application for a protection visa (either a TPV, SHEV or Permanent Protection visa) and is currently on a Bridging Visa or in Community Detention; or a person who is on a Temporary Protection Visa or a Safe Haven Enterprise Visa.
  • A commencing or continuing student enrolled or intending to enrol in an undergraduate degree as an international student at a Monash campus in Australia.
  • Benefits

    • Full international student course fees paid for the duration of the degree.
    • An allowance of $5000 per year (48 credit points of study) until the minimum points for your degree are completed.

    Number offered

    • Variable depending on funding.

    Selection criteria

    • Awarded based on academic achievement and personal circumstances.

    To retain this scholarship:

    • You must maintain a pass average (50% or above) each semester.
    • You can continue to receive the scholarship if your residency changes, however you will not be eligible to continue to receive tuition payments if you are changed to a Commonwealth Supported Place and are eligible to defer your fees, but you may continue to receive the allowance.
    • You may be asked to provide an annual progress report to donors, giving you an opportunity to share your experiences and benefits.

    How to apply

    • To apply for the scholarship, you must fill out a separate application form and submit it by Thursday 20 December 2018.
    • Note: To be considered for this scholarship, you must have applied for a course, and be offered a place at Monash.
    • This scholarship cannot be deferred.

    Every scholarship may have a different application process. Read the application details carefully and submit your application by the deadline.