Sociology addresses changing social organisation and consequences for the life opportunities of individuals, families and groups. Sociologists examine class, gender, sexuality, ethnicity and disability – among other forms of difference – to understand and explain how people’s lives are shaped and how they think and feel about themselves and the world around them.

Sociologists seek to describe and explain patterns of social change. Social institutions intentionally and unintentionally change and create changes in our roles as children, parents, members, citizens and students. Sociology investigates social trends and seeks an historical understanding of the processes of social organisation and change in order to be able to assist in the development of sound social policy.

Teaching Program

Sociology is the study of contemporary societies in a global context. We investigate diverse human groups, communities, institutions, organisations, and social phenomena. Our undergraduate units provide students with the opportunity to explore theoretical and methodological issues, and cover topics such as health, families, sustainability, gender, sexuality, youth, religion, the media, demography, social psychology and social research skills. The abiding aim of our teaching is to develop in students the skills required to critically analyse the social world from the perspective of sociology.

Sociology staff are consistently recognised for their high quality teaching, and are the recipients of numerous teaching awards, commendations and citations. Many of our units are rated among the very best in the university. Our teaching approach is designed to create an exciting and dynamic learning environment, and we are Faculty leaders in seminar teaching and blended learning (in both educational technologies and face-to-face modes of teaching).


Undergraduate studies

Our teaching approach creates pathways for students to progress from an undergraduate interest in sociology, to pursuing graduate research.

Graduate Research

Sociology graduate research is part of the Social and Political Sciences Graduate Research program.


Sociology staff lead on research in key areas: