Entry requirements

Before you apply to Monash, check that you meet our requirements.

Age requirements

You should be at least 17 years old when you enrol, although there are some exceptions. Find out more at Monash age requirements.

Academic, prerequisite and additional entry requirements

You must check that you meet academic, prerequisite and additional requirements for the Monash course you are applying for. Go to your course page, and click on "entry requirements".

If you're an international undergraduate student, refer to your course page or use the study credit and admissions eligibility search.

For international postgraduate entry requirements refer to your course page.

English language requirements

To study an undergraduate or postgraduate course at Monash, you must satisfy our English language requirements. Some courses have higher English language requirements than others.

Monash assess your proficiency using your most recent test. Even if you've done several tests or assessments over the years, we only consider the last one.

If you have not met the English language requirements from your previous studies, you are able to undertake English language proficiency tests to gain entry into your preferred Monash course. The University reserves the right to require that an applicant undergo a test of English proficiency.

If your English test result does not satisfy English language requirements into your chosen course, the Monash University English Language Centre offers English language programs which provide the best chance of transitioning into Monash University.

To view the minimum English language requirements refer to the Admission to Coursework Courses and Units of Study Procedures.