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Master of Global Business

$10,000 study grants available for 2019 entry.

Enrich the business experience you already have with global insight

Grow as a negotiator, problem-solver and communicator, and gain an expansive perspective of business that takes into account strategy, government, trade, sustainability, culture and social responsibility.

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As part of this degree, you can choose to attend the Berkeley Haas Global Access Program for one or two semesters, and receive a Berkeley Haas certificate. Plus, if you complete two semesters of the Program, you may be eligible to work in the US.

Complementing the in-class learning is a range of special program enhancements including visits to Silicon Valley, 1:1 career coaching and networking events with Berkeley students.

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Study at Monash Business School

By completing the Master of Global Business, you'll better understand the contemporary world, and at the same time will be creating innovative solutions for the business, professional, social and public communities you serve.

This new multi-disciplinary program advances your knowledge of business and the global environment. It includes the study areas of business strategy, diplomacy, trade policy, global trade law, sustainability and inter-cultural communication.

With relevant work experience as an entry requirement, this course offers a dynamic and diverse setting if you want to advance the way you understand and address global issues and challenges.

Flexibility is a key component of the Master of Global Business; you can choose your electives from a broad range of units across the University. You may decide to focus your electives on a specific area of interest. The suggested areas of focus below are not specialisations but suggestions only - you do not need to follow an area of focus.

Please note, this is not an exhaustive list of areas of focus but each in its own way complements the core program of the Master of Global Business.

  • General business

    Choose more business subjects to better prepare yourself for a career in the business world, whether for an employer or by running your own business.

  • Management

    Develop a deeper understanding of the issues all organisations deal with. Leadership, change, power and influence, and more. A better understanding of management can be the key to your organisation's success.

  • Supply chain management

    Understand the logistics and management required to supply goods and services in the most effective and efficient manner from point of origin to final destination

  • Data analytics

    Information and data overload is a challenge for organisations deciphering what is useful and what is not. Gain the skill set and know-how to effectively use, analyse, interpret and present data.

  • Entrepreneurship and innovation

    Develop the knowledge and skills to test innovative and creative ideas, products and processes. Establish new ventures or help grow existing ones.

  • Sustainability and business

    Sustainability is becoming more of a priority for organisations. Help organisations across all sectors be more strategic in how to plan and manage for the social, environmental, economic, and ethical impacts of their business.

  • Diplomacy and international relations

    Better understand the world and its development through a broad lens, incorporating a political, social, cultural and historical perspective.

  • Foreign Languages

    Develop foreign language skills to make you more marketable, flexible and able to understand different perspectives in the workplace.

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Ready to make your next career move? If you're a domestic student, you may be eligible for a $10,000 study grant in 2019.  There is no need to apply for the grant as all domestic applicants will be automatically assessed.

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