Monash Extension

Monash Extension

If you're a high achieving Year 12 student, Monash Extension will give you a taste of uni before finishing school – and you'll be rewarded for it. You'll complete two first year university subjects as part of your final year of school studies.

What can I study?

Games development


Accounting and Finance
Biomedical science (capped at 10 places)
Games development (NEW)
Linguistics (NEW)
Politics (NEW)
Psychology (capped at 20 places)

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What our Extension students say

Perkin Chan

Monika BurfordPerkin studied Extension Chemistry in 2014 and is now in his third year of a Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Scholar Program). As an aspiring developmental biologist and biochemist, he believes his involvement in the program has allowed him to accelerate at university and to access experiences earlier in the lab.

“I admit that the words of ‘university studies’ seemed a bit daunting at the time; however, in hindsight, the work was very reasonable and manageable with my VCE studies. Also, as an alumnus of the program, it has continued to provide me with volunteering and career opportunities after graduation. Definitely worth it and would recommend to anyone still considering – just do it!”

Monika Burford

Monika Burford Monika studied Chemistry in 2016 and now is in her first year of a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering and Pharmaceutical Science. Studying off campus at Padua College, one of our Host School Centres, Monika found that studying Extension provided her with an easy transition into first year, and made her year 12 Chemistry subject much easier, thanks to cross reinforcement of concepts across both studies.

"The practical days are heaps of fun, and the facilities, the laboratories in particular are great! The course was relevant to what I wanted to study, positively influenced my year 12 score and was a lot of fun!"

Ashley Smith
Biomedical Science

Ashley Smith In his spare time Ashley cycles, watches internet TV and plays the occasional round of golf. As a Monash student he has joined the Monash Students Association (MSA) and the Biomed Society.

“Growing up I was always interested in public service or STEM careers. I studied Biomedical Science because I finished VCE Biology in Year 11 and loved it. I knew that Biomed was a way to develop a greater knowledge at university level. If you have a passion for the subject, go for it!”

Burhan Zamroni

Burhan Zamroni Burhan is studying towards being a doctor, and found that studying a university Extension subject during VCE was liberating, and gave him a nice break each week. It gave him exposure to the self-directed learning style that is required at tertiary level. He feels he was set up well for transitioning  to  university,  especially in terms of expectations and responsibilities.

“My advice? Don't let your dreams be dreams. Just do it! Difficulty is subjective, but the rewarding experience gained from an extension study is a certainty. Both appreciating and looking forward to the little things that happen every day also goes a long way.”

Jennie Phan

Jennie Phan Jenny enjoys listening to and making music (“piano, ukulele and shower singing…”) as well as reading and watching TV. As a Monash student Jennie has joined the Medical Undergraduates' Society (MUMUS), the Vietnamese Students Association (VSA),  Muggles and the Disney society  clubs.

"As long as you remain on top of your unit's weekly requirements (such as quizzes or assignments), an extension subject will be a fun and intellectually stimulating experience. It also gave me an idea of the enrolment process and where all my classes were; which made life a whole lot easier. The  relaxing  atmosphere  at  Monash makes it a comfortable and motivating place to learn as well as socialise."

Zack Richardson

Zack Richardson When he was younger Zack wanted to be an architect, engineer or doctor. He gets along with all types of people and is focussed on constantly striving to be the best he can. Monash Extension allowed him to chase his higher education dreams.

"The best thing about studying an Extension subject was the hands-on small lecture groups. It was very rewarding plus it helped with the understanding of the VCE units 3&4 subjects."

Schools and teachers

Monash Extension welcomes enquiries from teachers with student's interested in Monash Extension.  We can talk though the offerings and commitment expected of students. We would also be happy to come out and run an information session at your school if you have a group of Year 11 students considering the program.

Please contact us on 9903 4756  or via email for more information.

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