Choosing assessment tasks

Choosing assessment tasks

Assessment is a fundamental element of student learning and allows you to evaluate student achievement of the learning outcomes for your unit (and/or the course). When choosing assessment tasks it is important to first plan out your assessment regime and consider what you will be assessing and how you will be assessing it. This will help you decide on the best assessment method.

This resource outlines the different purposes of assessment, common assessment terminology, types of assessment and how to select appropriate assessment tasks.

six steps to choosing the right assessment

Education Performance Standards Framework

The Education Performance Standards identify the expectations of education practice at Monash – See the Education Performance Standards for more details.

Impact on student learning

Impact on educational knowledge

Impact on educational environment

Effective teaching and learning

Responsive program design

Student- centred orientation

Professional learning engagement

Pedagogical content knowledge

Education research performance

Education innovation

Education leadership




You could address marking and grading across these Practice Elements by providing evidence of how you:

  • Select and design appropriate types and methods of assessment in your units.
  • Create assessment tasks that align with learning outcomes and which measure the learning, knowledge, skills that students must achieve in the unit.
  • Develop innovative and/or authentic assessment tasks that support student learning.

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