Zoom integration with Moodle

Zoom can be directly integrated with your Moodle unit. This allows you to create Zoom meetings inside Moodle, and for your students to access them through the Moodle unit. Please note that this is an early version of the integration and it may not have all of the features you expect. In particular, any Zoom meetings created or listed in the integration will be visible to ALL members of the unit. Please consider whether this is currently suitable for your use case. We expect to roll out improvements to this interface in the second half of 2021

Adding the Zoom integration

  1. Navigate to the Moodle unit that you would like to add a Zoom integration to.
  2. Ensure editing is on.
  3. Click to Add an Activity
  4. Select External Tool
  5. Give it a name, probably something like “Zoom meetings”, and from the dropdown Preconfigured tool list, select Zoom.
  6. Adjust other settings as appropriate, and Save.

The Zoom integration

This is how the integration looks once you have it installed. From here you can view upcoming and past meetings, and schedule new meetings.

Upcoming Meetings shows events scheduled in the future. The Previous Meetings tab shows meetings that have ended. Personal Meeting Room gives quick access to a personal Zoom space that you can run at any time, which is good for informal chats and quick meetings. Cloud Recordings are not used by default.

Scheduling meetings

  1. Click Schedule a New Meeting. 
  2. Enter a Topic, When the meeting will run, and the Duration.
  3. If you wish, you can make a meeting Recurring by ticking the selection box. If so, select when it repeats, and how often.
  4. It is advised to Mute participants upon entry. 
  5. Enter the names of any tutors/demonstrators, other lecturers or co-presenters in the Alternative Hosts box. This will mean they are automatically made Co-hosts, and in the event of your absence they can take over as Host.
  6. Click Save. 
  7. AFTER you have saved, you will be given the option to upload poll questions if you have them enabled. They are uploaded in a CSV template that can be downloaded directly.

You can also Import meetings by clicking the three dots icon. You will need to do this to use some advanced features such as pre-assigned breakout rooms. Enter the Meeting ID of a meeting you have previously created through the interface at monash.zoom.us

Starting meetings

Once they are scheduled, upcoming meetings appear under your Upcoming meetings tab. If you scheduled the meeting, you will see buttons to Start or Delete the meeting. If a colleague created it, you will only see the option to Join.

What your students see

Students have a simpler view. They cannot schedule meetings, and only have a Join button for upcoming events. Under the Previous Meetings tab, they can only view a listing. Note that the Recordings column refers to Cloud recordings, which are not enabled by default.

Advanced options

This integration offers a streamlined and somewhat simplified meeting creation interface. If you wish to use some of the advanced features, such as pre-set breakout room groups, quiz options, you will need to set up the meeting at monash.zoom.us and Import the meeting.

If you want to adjust your personal settings to enable features or change defaults, that will also need to be done at monash.zoom.us, and the changes will carry through to the integration. The Zoom.us site is also where you can access Reports, including attendee lists.