Supporting your students

How to support your students

Exams can be a very stressful experience for your students and there are a number of ways that you can support them with online assessments. When you run an online assessment using the eAssessment platform, it helps to get students familiarised with the platform and how the assessment will be scheduled and delivered.

It is important to provide students with clear instructions on:

  • The type of assessment
  • The platform used for the online assessment (Moodle ELMS or eAssessment)
  • Whether the exam will be open or closed book
  • What maintaining academic integrity in the exam encompasses
  • Whether they require specific hardware or software for the assessment
  • Whether it will be eVigilated
  • Any special considerations for sitting a deferred exam

What resources and services are available to students


Monash has created a comprehensive site to support students in preparing for their eExams which you should share with your students. It provides information on:

  • How scheduled final assessments work and its rules
  • How to sit an on-campus and off-campus eExam
  • How to prepare for their scheduled final assessments in terms of study skills
  • Device and system set-up
  • Troubleshooting and tips
  • Where to get help and support

Academic integrity, plagiarism and collusion student website

This web link provides students with resources and training modules on how to avoid plagiarism and collusion, how to avoid cheating and breaches of academic integrity. This is an excellent source to support students with all matters relating to academic integrity.

Student Academic Success: Individual consultants with learning advisers

Share this link with students so that they can access drop-in sessions with a learning skills adviser to learn task analysis, critical analysis, effective reading and note taking, structuring arguments, academic writing, and time management. They can also learn how to locate and evaluate sources, citing and referencing from the library.

Student Academic Success: Academic English

Share this link so that students can obtain support around academic English usage. This will improve their academic writing to help reduce any unintentional breaches of academic integrity.

Student Academic Success: Perform at your peak in final assessments

Share this link so that students can browse resources to support them with all final assessments.

Health and wellbeing: Counselling service

Share this link for counselling services so that students can obtain additional support around a number of issues from managing motivation, coping with stress and/or anxiety, prioritisation and managing perfectionism.

Assessment and results: Special consideration processes

Share this link to let students know how to apply for special consideration that may allow them to obtain an extension, create another assessment, or sit a deferred exam.

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