Set up Unit completion

The Unit completion settings allow you to define the conditions that determine when a unit as a whole is marked as complete. You can choose to add the Unit completion block if you want students to view the unit’s completion status. For more information, see Add Blocks in Moodle.

NOTE: The unit completion status is simply a marker to indicate unit progress and these settings do not communicate with Callista or the Monash scheduling system.

By default, units are marked as complete when ALL conditions are met and ALL activities/resources are marked as complete and students manually self-mark completion. It is recommended that you change this setting for assessed activities or resources if you intend to use the completion progress block or activity completion tracking in a meaningful way.

From the Unit completion page, you can also bulk edit the activity completion settings of activities and resources in your unit, as well as set the default activity completion settings for future activities and resources.

You should have a good understanding of activity completion settings before modifying the Unit completion settings. For more about activity completion, see Activity completion.

To navigate to the Unit completion settings:

  1. From your unit homepage, click on the administration settings cog in the top right corner.
  2. Select Unit completion.
  3. This page with all unit completion settings will appear. Follow the steps to complete each section.