H5P is a great tool to create a variety of self-paced activities that students can do on their own time in Moodle. They can be used as activities for an online tutorial session, to get students to practice what they have learned, to do self-assessments, test their understanding and many more activities that lead to active learning.

H5P activities allow you to create a range of interactive content that can be embedded directly in Moodle, using a range of templates that you can adapt without needing any programming skills. It can be used as a way to display your content in a chunked format or scaffolded using flashcards, timelines and other types of simple interactions. Or it can be used to get students to actively participate in their learning by answering a variety of question types related to the content.

H5P activity types

You have access to 41 different H5P activity types in Moodle. This includes drag and drops, find the hotspot, quizzes, interactive videos and course presentations and many more. View examples of different content types on the H5P website to explore which activity types that best meet the learning outcome.

H5P Content Types and Applications

Note: 'Impressive presentation'(Slideshow with parallax effects) and 'Find the words'(crossword) are currently not available in Moodle.

Here is an examples of an H5P presentation activity that you could build:

Education Performance Standards Framework

The Education Performance Standards identify the expectations of education practice at Monash – See the Education Performance Standards for more details.

Impact on student learning

Impact on educational knowledge

Impact on educational environment

Effective teaching and learning

Responsive program design

Student- centred orientation

Professional learning engagement

Pedagogical content knowledge

Education research performance

Education innovation

Education leadership




You could address these Practice Elements by providing evidence of how you:

  • Demonstrated ability to use engaging, authentic and active approaches to teaching and learning, i.e. create more active learning activities using H5P
  • Demonstrated contributions to development of activities, units and courses in line with current best practices, i.e. use best practice approach in using multimedia in learning
  • Demonstrated contributions to support positive student learning experiences in practice, i.e. provide automated feedback in the H5P learning activities
  • Demonstrated ability to create or adapt teaching and learning approaches in line with new thinking and understanding, i.e. use new educational technologies to increase engagement and adapt your teaching practice