Insert a quiz into a Panopto video

Prepare your questions in advance and know where in the timeline you want to place your questions. Once you are ready, you can follow the following to insert the quizzes in the different points in your video.

  1. Navigate to the session you would like to add a quiz to.
  2. Hover over the session and click Edit to launch the session in a new window in the Panopto Editor OR click the Edit icon in the top right corner of the full screen Panopto viewer.
  3. On the Timeline, select where you would like to insert a quiz.
  4. In the left Navigation pane, in the Quizzing tab, click Add a Quiz.
  5. The Quiz form will appear in the secondary screen. The quiz form has several fields where you can type text, such as the:
    1. Quiz Name
    2. Question
    3. Answers
    4. Correct Answer Explanation(optional)

By default, question type is set to Multiple Choice. You can select the drop down menu in the top right corner to choose different types of quiz questions. You can select:

  1. Once you are finished, click Save. Your quiz will now appear in the Quizzing tab. You can add multiple quizzes in one session by repeating from step 3.
  2. Click Publish. Your session will be reprocessed to include your quiz.
  3. During session playback, the video will pause and the quiz will appear at the point where you inserted it on the timeline.

View quiz results

  1. Navigate to the session with a quiz, where you would like to view the quiz results.
  2. Hover over the session and click the Settings icon.
  3. In the Quiz Results tab, the Quiz Results Summary shows the total number of correct answers and questions as well as the percentage correct for each quiz. You can:
    1. Download the results in csv. form by clicking Download in the top right corner.
    2. View detailed results by section by selecting the name of the quiz from the Section drop down list.
    3. View results by individual students by clicking the arrow beside each student's name to also expand their results section.