Related resources

Here are some relevant micro-learning pages and resources that will help support you in using Gradebook for your grading and marking.

Resources for Moodle activity grades

Moodle Assignment

Learn how to set up and use a Moodle assignment.

Moodle Quiz

Learn how to set up a Moodle Quiz.

Resources related assessment

Marking, rubrics and grading

Learn more about how to record student grades and apply weighting within Moodle.


Learn more about how to provide effective feedback within formative and summative assessment to improve student outcomes and learning.

Building Assessment Rubrics

Self-enrolment Moodle site outlining the process of developing effective rubrics.

Relevant policies and procedures to Gradebook

Monash has specific policies and procedures related to Marking and grading which links to Moodle Gradebook. Take the time to review these to inform your teaching practice.

Marking and feedback procedure

Outlines processes and principles for marking, blind marking, second marking, double marking, provision of feedback, quality assurance, finalising results, responsibilities, and re-marking requests.

Assessment regime procedure

Explains requirements of developing and implementing an assessment regime for a unit, rules around scheduling, extensions, hurdles, alternative and supplementary assessments, and communicating assessment requirements.

Assessment in coursework units: Examinations procedure

Presents rules and processes relating to examination assessment tasks (including eExams), scheduling, deferral, and use of permitted items.

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