Monash Board of Examiners (BOE) reports

Access to Board of Examiner reports is restricted to BOE Chair, Faculty Associate Dean Education, Head of Department/School and Faculty Professional Staff.

BOE Reports are a set of University-wide automatically generated reports that deliver insights at faculty, unit and student level to enhance decision making and actions for improvement at Monash. BOE Reports can be utilised to:

  • Inform and support discussion and ratification of student results at a Board of Examiners.
  • Strategically review and analyse the performance of a unit, across both current and historical teaching periods. Unit level reporting includes details across assessments and hurdles (if applicable).
  • Identify opportunities for unit offering refinement and to support academic recognition.
  • Identify strategies to support students as per analysis of their performance across their course of study.

The data for reports is sourced directly from Callista and Enterprise Moodle and is presented via a tool titled Power BI. BOE Reports are accessible via your browser via the following link ( at any time. The data feeding into reports is updated at midnight every day (7 days) and is visible within the reports from 9.00am (AEST).

Access reports (authorised users only)


  • Rapid access to automatically generated reporting insights at faculty, department/school and unit level.
  • One location for all access to reporting for results.
  • Reports are easy to navigate, filter, analyse, download and distribute.
  • Reports are standardised and available to all faculties, enabling consistency of governance processes across Monash.
  • Downstream reporting enhancements are of benefit to all faculties.

Monash BOE Reports

For more detailed information for each BOE Report, view the guides in the subsection of Board of Examiner (BOE) reports in the left hand menu.