Supporting your students

How to support your students

Become aware of the range of services available for students at Monash to support students academic performance. You can start by completing the MEA Module on Supporting academic integrity in your teaching so that you are able to better promote academic integrity, detect misconduct and respond to breaches.

It is important to create a culture of integrity in your teaching and encourage integrity in learning and assessment. Below are a few strategies for embedding academic integrity in your unit.

  • Design the assessment regime and embed educative and preventative strategies.
  • Allow student to demonstrate their learning in the task design.
  • Adopt targeted security measures and review and monitor assessment practices.
  • Anticipate areas that may be more or less secure and deploy time and effort according to the importance of the tasks.
  • Share the standards and expectations of a Monash scholar with students and tell them where to get help.
  • Define acceptable and unacceptable behaviours with examples.
  • Work with students in partnership to give and receive feedback about academic integrity practices and how they are embedded in the unit.
  • Create a culture of academic honesty, respect, trust, fairness and responsibility.
  • Get to know students, give them formative and scaffolded tasks to develop academic integrity practices.
  • Give students feedback specific to academic integrity practices.
  • Reiterate expectations and standards with each new task and have frank conversations.

What resources and services are available to students

A number of services at Monash can help students learn about and maintain academic integrity. Breaches of academic integrity often arise as a result of skill deficits and desperation, rather than deliberate attempts to cheat.

Share these resources with your students:

Compulsory Unit Modules - Academic Integrity and Respect at Monash

Both Australian and Malaysian new students need to complete the compulsory unit on academic integrity. If you are teaching a first year unit or have new students in your unit, you can share the link to these modules for them to complete.

Academic integrity, plagiarism and collusion student website

This web link provides students with resources and training modules on how to avoid plagiarism and collusion, how to avoid cheating and breaches of academic integrity. This is an excellent source to support students with all matters relating to academic integrity.

Academic integrity slide packs

This set of slide packs may be downloaded and amended to suit a specific unit. The slides define and explain the expectations of Academic Integrity at Monash with links to student support resources.

Student Academic Success: Learning and Language Support

Encourage students to seek advice from  learning and language support about understanding the assessment task. Students can make appointments or attend a drop-in session with a Learning Adviser who can assist them with interpreting and analysing the requirements of assessments. They can also learn about time management, including managing multiple assessment tasks across the semester.

Counselling service

Share this link for counselling services so that students can obtain additional support around a number of issues from managing motivation, coping with stress and/or anxiety, prioritisation and managing perfectionism.

Assessment and results: Special consideration processes

Share this link to let students know how to apply for special consideration that may allow them to obtain an extension, create another assessment, or sit a deferred exam.

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