Grader report

The Grader Report provides a high level overview of all students and graded activities in your Moodle unit. When student assessments are graded directly in the Moodle activity itself, grades which are recorded automatically populate the Grader report. From the Grader report, you can view all student grades in the unit, navigate quickly to activities and student records, and add or edit grades. For an overview of student results for individual activities, see the individual Assignment’s Grading summary page.

  1. Click on the navigation drawer in your unit’s top left corner.

  2. Click on Grades. Under the view tab, click Grader report.

In the Grader report you can:

  1. Filter students by group using the separate groups dropdown list. You can also filter students by the first letter of the first and/or surname of students.

    Note: Remember to reset the filter to All, to remove any filter, as filters will remain and not automatically default back to All after you leave the Grader report.

  2. Order columns by alphabetic or descending or ascending order by clicking on the column header, for example student First name, Surname or ID number.
  3. Click on the pencil icon to view the Single view interface for a specific activity or specific student. You can add and override grades in bulk from the Single view interface. For more information, see the Single view guide.
  4. Click the blue arrows to sort student grades for individual activities in descending or ascending order.
  5. Click on the minus/plus icon to collapse/expand category folders. This does not affect whether grades are hidden or shown to students, only how they appear to you in the Grader Report. Category folders can be created and configured in the Gradebook Setup.

    Note: If the category is not open to view all items within, the grade displayed in Overall average is the aggregate grade for the category as determined in the Gradebook Setup. To view individual results, open the category. It is usually more appropriate to edit item grades if required, than the aggregate category grade.

  6. Click on the activity name to navigate to the individual activity. From the activity page, you can view the activity grading overview and grade individual student submissions.

Enter grades in the Grader report

To edit and enter grades in the Grader report, you must be assigned the Lecturer, non-primary lecturer or Chief Examiner role in Moodle. If you require access, contact your Faculty Moodle administrator. You can also enter grades for student activities…. For more information, see Grading overview and Grader interface guide.

  1. In the top right hand corner of the Unit banner, click Turn editing on.

  2. Additional icons and functions will become available, allowing you to enter grades, feedback comments, hide and lock grades. Each grade item contains two cells:
    • A cell with a solid line to enter a numerical grade(left)
    • A cell with a dotted line to enter written feedback comments (right)

  3. You can click on the cog icon to navigate to the edit grade screen, which provides an expanded rich text box for optional feedback comments and the option to specify the time and date when the grade is hidden or locked.
  4. Once you have finished entering grades, scroll down and click Save changes.
  5. Note: Grades that have been manually entered or overridden from the Grader report will be indicated by the tan highlight.

Hide and lock grades

The open-eye icon indicates that a grade item’s grades and feedback are visible to students.
The crossed-out eye icon indicates that the activity’s grades and feedback will be hidden from students.
The open lock indicates this activity is not locked - grades and feedback can be written and overridden.
The closed lock indicates the activity is locked. Grade changes can only be made after unlocking.
  1. Click on the icons to toggle between statuses. The location of the icon in the Grader report corresponds with where that effect will be applied in the Gradebook. For example:
    • Clicking the lock icon the Weekly Quiz category will lock all activities in the category folder.
    • Clicking the eye icon in the control row for Assignment 2 will hide ALL student results for Assignment 2 activity.
    • Clicking the eye icon in the student row will hide the individual students' grades.
  2. When you are finished, click Save changes.

    Note: Special grade items, such as the final exam item, cannot be unhidden by any user.

Hurdles in the Grader Report

If a student has failed one or more hurdles a Blue bell will appear in the Unit total column.  Hover over the Blue bell for a summary of which hurdles a student has failed. If the student:

  • Would have received a unit total of 45 or above but failed to meet a hurdle, they will receive a mark of 45 and an NH grade.
  • Would have received a unit total of 44 or below and failed to meet a hurdle, they will receive an N grade, and you will see their real mark.