Designing assessment regimes

All of the tasks you set for a unit that are assessable comprise the assessment regime.

Assessment tasks play a key role in shaping and evaluating students’ learning. Well designed assessment activities work as motivation for learning, as well as providing measures of learning. To achieve these goals, though, tasks must align with the unit and course learning outcomes, unit content, and the students’ current levels of skill development.

Creating an appropriate assessment regime in your unit is context-specific. This resource will provide an overview of some key things to consider when developing a new - or revising an existing - assessment task or the entire assessment regime, and will point you towards more detailed support and resources for different aspects of the process.

This resource outlines what must be included in an assessment regime, how to design an assessment regime, and how to validate the assessment regime before and after it is implemented.

Education Performance Standards Framework

The Education Performance Standards identify the expectations of education practice at Monash – See the Education Performance Standards for more details.

Impact on student learning

Impact on educational knowledge

Impact on educational environment

Effective teaching and learning

Responsive program design

Student- centred orientation

Professional learning engagement

Pedagogical content knowledge

Education research performance

Education innovation

Education leadership





You could address these Practice Elements by providing evidence of how you:

  • Plan appropriate authentic and well aligned assessment regimes for students in your unit/s
  • Provide appropriate, authentic and clear assessment tasks to develop students’ learning
  • Monitor the student experience of assessment in your unit/s
  • Partner with students in an aspect of assessment design
  • Collaborate with other staff to develop and evaluate appropriate and varied assessment tasks and regimes.
  • Diversify assessment tasks to allow students to demonstrate different elements of their learning

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