Supporting your students

How to support your students

Provide clear instructions

When creating an assessment, it is important that you provide students with clear guidelines, instructions and grading requirements. This can be done by writing instructions in the quiz, showing the question value, and letting them know the deadlines and time requirements.

Provide feedback to students

Feedback is a crucial part of the learning process. One of the best ways to support your students using a Moodle Quiz is to give them feedback. Whether that is via the automated feedback system or manual feedback.

Use quizzing as a learning tool

Consider using a quiz as an assessment for learning tool where you get students to complete a quiz after reading an article or watching a video, or even as a way to pre-test their understanding of a topic.

Let students become familiar with the quiz format

Before using a Moodle Quiz as a final assessment, it is recommended that you provide students the opportunity to complete a non assessable quiz using Moodle Quiz. Knowing the platform and the way questions are presented can help reduce anxiety.

What resources and services are available to students

Quizzes (Library resource)

This Monash Library resource provides students with an overview of the Moodle Quiz platform and some of its functionalities.


Monash has created a comprehensive site to support students in preparing for their eExams which you should share with your students. It provides information on: How eExams work and its rules; How to sit an on-campus and off-campus eExam; How to prepare for their exams in terms of study skills; Device and system set-up; Troubleshooting and tips; Where to get help and support

Compulsory Unit Modules - Academic Integrity and Respect at Monash

Both Australian and Malaysian new students need to complete the compulsory unit on academic integrity. If you are teaching a first year unit or have new students in your unit, you can share the link to these modules for them to complete.

Academic integrity, plagiarism and collusion student website

This web link provides students with resources and training modules on how to avoid plagiarism and collusion, how to avoid cheating and breaches of academic integrity. This is an excellent source to support students with all matters relating to academic integrity.

Student Academic Success: Learning and Language Support

Encourage students to seek advice from  learning and language support about understanding the assessment task. Students can make appointments or attend a drop-in session with a Learning Adviser who can assist them with interpreting and analysing the requirements of assessments. They can also learn about time management, including managing multiple assessment tasks across the semester.

Health and wellbeing: Counselling service

Share this link for counselling services so that students can obtain additional support around a number of issues from managing motivation, coping with stress and/or anxiety, prioritisation and managing perfectionism.

Assessment and results: Special consideration processes

Share this link to let students know how to apply for special consideration that may allow them to obtain an extension, create another assessment, or sit a deferred exam. Monash provides Special Consideration for students who are experiencing exceptional circumstances beyond their control that affect their ability to successfully complete assessment tasks.

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