Monash has two supported assessment platforms: Moodle (ELMS) and eAssessment. Both in-semester and final assessments can be delivered via either platform, however there are many advantages to using the eAssessment platform for your assessments. Centrally scheduled final assessments should be delivered via the eAssessment platform wherever possible.

The eAssessment platform is a separate instance of Moodle - independent from the LMS used for teaching. Students cannot access eAssessments from the teaching instance of Moodle. It’s a secure and robust platform, employing a user-friendly interface designed for students by students. It has features such as a timer, progress bar, user interface to identify unanswered questions, autosave functionality and notes sections.

The eAssessment platform can be used for:

  • timed in-semester or end-of-semester assessments
  • with or without online supervision
  • unsupervised assessments can have a lock-down browser enabled
  • 12/24 hour take home exams
  • large cohorts

Technical support staff are available to assist students with any problems. Visit the eAssessment platform webpage for more information about the platform's features and functionality.

Benefits and considerations of eAssessment

Here are some of the benefits of using eAssessments for students, academic staff and Faculties:

For students

For academics

For Faculties

  • Offers word processing functions
  • Enables authentic assessment
  • Provides a wider array of engaging question types that reflect real world scenarios (eg. multimedia)
  • Can see all eExam questions laid out in a navigation panel to the left of the screen,
  • Mark allocations for each question displayed on screen
  • Exam timer
  • Split-screen functionality
  • 30 second autosave
  • Summary page displaying all questions and their attempt status
  • Offers a wider array of engaging question types that reflect real world scenarios (eg. multimedia)
  • Innovative functionality (i.e.split screen functionality, composite questions, file download/upload, free hand responses)
  • Eliminates illegible responses
  • Allows for auto marking
  • Online marking can be done anywhere, soon after the exam has finished
  • Enhanced insights
  • Enables online & automarking
  • Enables authentic assessment
  • Marking anywhere, anytime
  • Eliminates illegible responses
  • Enhanced insights
  • Reduces risk of lost exams
  • Tracks cohorts longitudinally


  • eAssessments subject to external accreditation can be supported by the enhanced cybersecurity features of the eAssessment platform as well as eVigilation, live identify verification and authorised materials check, a secured room-scan and screen and student activity recorded.
  • eAssessments without online supervision can have a lock-down browser enabled to further support academic integrity if required.
  • Responses that require handwritten notation such as diagrams or mathematical/scientific calculations can be incorporated into the eAssessment through the use of hybrid questions - where students complete those sections on blank sheets of paper that can be scanned and uploaded. Students are emailed with the instructions for this, but they will need to have the appropriate stationery and technology available.

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