Supporting your students

Two of the main purposes to learning analytics are the ability to support student awareness of their learning and to encourage their self-reflection. To achieve these two goals, students must have a basic understanding of

  • What data is being collected
  • Why the data is being collected
  • How to interpret the analytics
  • How the University or academics will use the data

How to support your students

Increasing student awareness of the analytics that are collected by the tools utilised in a unit is the first step to supporting students with learning analytics. Explain to students what data is available and what data you may be accessing to inform your teaching.

Visual analytic dashboards such as the progress completion bar and Moodle engagement analytics provide students data about their engagement with Moodle activities. Using the bar and explaining what data is collected aids students’ self-regulation of engagement with a unit.

A learning analytics team collates high-level learning analytics information for units in a central location. Learning analytics outputs include:

  • Quantile engagement report to inform student outreach
  • Outreach undertaken by faculties in partnership with central retention team
  • Weekly time-on-task report to examine Moodle engagement at unit offering level
  • Assignment submission report, to identify students submitting assessments after the due date

To access such data, talk with an Associate or Deputy Dean Education about this.

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