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Moodle: Using forum

This website provides you with additional information on using a Moodle Forum.

Collaborative learning

This resource will help you to learn how to use collaborative activities to effectively develop and assess skills, knowledge and attributes.


This resource will help you to provide effective feedback within formative and summative assessment to improve student outcomes and learning.

Discussion Boards: Valuable? Overused? Discuss.

This article from Inside Higher Ed discusses the use of Discussion forums and provides some strategies for making them more valuable.

How to Make Your Virtual Discussions Engaging, Effective, and Equitable in Eight Steps

This article from Faculty Focus provides eight tips for making online virtual discussions more engaging. These can also be transferred to asynchronous discussions.

Relevant policies & procedures

Monash has specific policies and procedures related to [add topic]. Take the time to review these to inform your teaching practice.

Assessment Regime Procedure

Explains requirements of developing and implementing an assessment regime for a unit, rules around scheduling, extensions, hurdles, alternative and supplementary assessments, and communicating assessment requirements.

Marking and feedback procedure

Outlines processes and principles for marking, blind marking, second marking, double marking, provision of feedback, quality assurance, finalising results, responsibilities, and re-marking requests.

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