Manage Forum discussions

Add a new discussion topic

You can post a new discussion, post to a forum visible to all participants or specific groups, or post a reply to a specific student’s post. Depending on how you set up the posts, the responses will only be visible based on the group setting.

  1. Navigate to your forum.
  2. If you have enabled groups in your forum settings, you will see the Visible groups drop down list. Select All participants or any groups within your unit from the drop down list. The forum posts will only be visible for the participants selected.
  3. Click Add a new discussion topic.
  4. Enter the Subject and Message. You can use any of the tools in the text editor to add images, multimedia and video.
  5. To view the advanced options, click Advanced. You can:
    1. Attach files
    2. ‘Pin’ a forum to the top of the page. This will keep it displayed at the top of the forum until it is unpinned.
    3. Send forum post notifications with no editing-time delay. This will queue your post immediately.

      NOTE: Notifications emailed from Moodle are queued in the system for up to 59 minutes or more, depending on the queue load. By default, Moodle will wait 30 minutes before putting your post into the queue for mailing.
    4. Set the Display period if needed, this can be useful for future release of a post.
    5. If you have enabled groups in your forum settings, choose to post to all participants or to a particular group.
      1. Leave Post a copy to all groups unchecked if you wish to make the post visible to just one group or to make the post and subsequent responses visible to the entire class.
      2. Select Post a copy to all groups checkbox for group activities where discussion of the post is to have visibility limited to group members only
    6. Add Tags to your post. Tags allow you to find related posts quickly. Click on the Tags section and enter your tag, or select a previously entered tag from the drop down list.
  6. Click Post to forum.