Record video with Panopto

In Panopto, navigate to the folder you would like to record video into and click Create. You can choose to:

  • Record videos using the Panopto application. If you do not have the Panopto recorder application, you will need to download it from Self Service (MAC) or MySoftware (PC). Depending on your device, the Panopto recorder will appear slightly differently.
  • Record videos using the Panopto Capture with the web browser recorder in the Chrome or Safari browser. This can be accessed on any device. You are not required to download the Panopto software.

Note: Panopto will not impact the unit permissions that you have previously established in Moodle. For example, if you make topics available to students on a week by week basis - this will continue to be preserved.

Record offline

If you do not have access to the internet, you can record videos offline and upload your recordings at a later time.

Types of recordings

You can create a range of different types of recordings with Panopto, which are captured as different streams. Click on the links below for instructions to set up Panopto to record specific scenarios. Students can also choose to focus on a specific stream in the Panopto viewer. You can also choose to remove sections of one stream to highlight another. For more information, see Edit Panopto videos.

PowerPoint with Talking head and screencast

Narrated screencast

Narrated PowerPoint

Audio only recordings

Credit: Tim Scholl, Educational Designers, Faculty of Arts