Create H5P activities in the Content bank

Creating your individual activities in the content bank first is always good practice for linking  interactive activities in different parts of your Moodle page. Note that these activities cannot be graded activities and you would need to change the settings of the individual activity to have a grade linked to Gradebook. See Embed a graded H5P activity for more information.

  1. To navigate to the Content bank, open the navigation menu and click Content bank.

  2. Click on Add and select the desired activity from the drop down list.

    Note: Activities are sorted in alphabetical order.
  3. Set up your activity. For detailed instructions for how to set up specific activity types, see the guides on the H5P website:
  4. Once you are finished creating your activity, click Save.
  5. You will see a preview of your H5P activity. In the top right corner, click Edit to continue working or click Close to finish and navigate back to the content bank.

    Note: Remember to clearly title your activities so that you can retrieve them more easily and place them in the desired location.
  6. Once you have added or uploaded H5P activities, they will appear in the content bank and can be embedded directly into Moodle resources and activities using the text editor.

  7. You can switch to list view with the icon in the top right. In list view, you can also sort H5P activities in the content bank by clicking on the headers.