Share your Zoom recording in Moodle

Sharing your Zoom recording in Moodle

Once you have a recording of your Zoom session, you can make it available to your students in Moodle using Panopto. You can embed a Panopto video anywhere where a text editor function is available, for example: labels, forums, assignment feedback, pages, books and many more. To use the Panopto embed icon successfully, you must first add the Panopto Block and provision your unit, see the Add Panopto block guide.

Credit: Tim Scholl, Educational Designer, Faculty of Arts

  1. Navigate to the location in Moodle where you would like to embed a video.
  2. Click on the Panopto icon in any text editor in Moodle. For example, you could upload your zoom recording to a page, label or section in Moodle.

  3. An Insert from Panopto window will appear.
  4. From the Insert from Panopto window, select the Upload tab.

  5. Drag and drop your Zoom recording file into the dashed box or click to browse your computer for your recording. Your Zoom recordings can be found in your Documents folder, under Zoom. Your recordings will be categorised in folders by the date and time they were recorded.

    Note: Make sure you select the zoom_#.mp4 file. Mp4 files will contain both the video and audio recording of your Zoom session.

  6. Your file will begin uploading, as indicated by the green progress bar.
  7. Once uploading is complete, your file will begin processing. You can click Insert while your file is still processing. It will be embedded into Moodle and ready for viewing when it has finished processing.

    Note: The upload and processing speed will depend on your file size.

  8. Panopto will use the file name as the Panopto video name. You can rename this at any time by viewing the recording in full screen in the Panopto viewer. Click on the name to edit it and then hit enter to save your changes.
  9. You can easily edit and trim videos once they have been uploaded to Panopto. For more information see the Basic editing with Panopto guide.