Set up Moodle Gradebook

You should set up your Moodle Gradebook prior to the commencement of a unit. Each unit has its own Gradebook and all activities within the unit (e.g. assignments, quizzes) will automatically appear in your Gradebook. Within the Gradebook they can be organised and the assessment requirements applied.

Refer to the Unit Settings panel and make sure your Gradebook is set up as shown below, in order to be inline with Monash University grading policy. For more information, see Monash's Learning and Teaching policy.

  • Grading schema: Standard(HD = 80-100, C = 60-69, etc. in accordance with Monash’s grading policy)
  • Aggregation: Weighted means of grades
  • Empty grade: Include
  • Grade type: Value
  • Max grade: 100.00

To adjust your unit settings, click on the settings cog in the top right corner of the Unit Settings panel and make the required changes as necessary. When you are done, click Save changes.

Organise your Gradebook

Items within the Gradebook can be rearranged to create logical and meaningful structure and match the assessment summary in your unit guide. Categories can be created to group items of a similar type, for example a 'quiz' category containing 10 weekly quizzes, worth 1% and contributing a total of 10% to the final grade or a 'non-assessed' category with a weighting of 0.

Applying weightings

Ensure the weightings in your Gradebook are set up as per your unit guide. It is highly recommended that this is done prior to the commencement of your unit or as early as possible as recalculation of grades can take quite some time (and will take longer the larger your cohort).

  1. Ensure that your Unit aggregation is set to Weighted Mean of grades. You can check this in the Unit settings panel.
  2. In the weights column, for items/categories in rows with a grey background, type the required weight into the box.
  3. Ensure that the unit total weighting equals 100%

    For formative activities that will not contribute to the final grade, you can set the weighting to 0 or create a Formative category, move all formative activities inside and set the category weighting to 0.

Applying hurdles

A hurdle is a compulsory requirement that students must meet to be able to pass the unit. Moodle allows you to set up two types of hurdles in the Moodle Gradebook. For more information, see Apply Hurdles in Gradebook.