Echo360 is a powerful video platform that enables educators to:

  • Record audio and visual content from their lecture (Known as Learning Capture)
  • Live-stream audio and visual content from their lecture
  • Integrate slides and interactive questions into their lecture
  • Get students to ask questions or make comments in a chat
  • Record screen capture and webcam videos from their desktop/laptop
  • Obtain analytics from the recorded lectures

It is also integrated with Moodle and the timetabling application Syllabus+, which allows you to add an Echo360 link to your unit for students to easily access the recorded lectures.

Take a moment to watch this video on what live-streaming is, from a student's point of view:

Which venues use Echo360?

Echo360 is only available in select venues. For a list of all Echo360 enabled venues at Monash University, click here.

Soon after the lecture finishes, the recording, also known as a learning capture, is made available to students in Moodle.

What are the benefits of using Echo360?

Benefits for students

  • Can access recordings for review and revision
  • Can select live-stream as a scheduling option providing an alternative to face-to-face attendance
  • Greater student flexibility - watch anywhere, on own device
  • Online students can participate in the live lecture
  • Beneficial to non-native English language learners as they can slow-down or rewatch sections of a recorded lecture where they may not have understood some of the content during the lecture

Benefits for educators

  • Integrated into the venue, plug and play
  • Scheduled teaching activities are recorded automatically
  • Share your audio and visuals with students
  • Connects groups of students in different locations and supports student feedback channels to ensure active learning
  • Responds to increasing demand for teaching spaces
  • Can be used to record videos from desktop or laptop
  • Can access aggregated statistical information about student’s online engagement and participation for each recorded lecture in your unit

Help and Support

AV and technical support - Service Desk Online

All other enquiries -

For detailed guides about using Echo360 Universal Capture, see the Echo360 website.


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