Create a welcome page

It is good practice to have a welcome page to introduce students to your unit and to the educators. The welcome page should contain the following information, which can be chunked into separate labels with headers. You can call this page either Welcome, Overview, Key information or another name that will be meaningful to students to know they are to start in this section.

Here is some key information that you can include in this welcome page. The information can be chunked into the separate labels to make it easier for editing or moving around.

Information about the unit

Unit description/ Welcome

Starting the unit with a brief description of the unit sets the context for students. You can also add a bit more context in how they will learn in this unit. You could also decide to make a short video introducing the main concepts covered in the unit.

Learning outcomes

Provide students with the main learning outcomes for the unit, as reflected  in  theHandbook. Make sure these are connected to the assessments within the unit.

Unit Preview

Direct students to the Unit Preview button in the menu at the top of the page. This will contain information about assessments and other details. You can also link out to the Handbook.

How to navigate this unit

It is recommended that you provide students with an overview of how to navigate the Moodle unit, how the unit has been structured and where they can find information, resources and assessment tasks. This can be done via a screen capture video so students have a clear understanding of how to use the Moodle site.

Information about the educators

Meet your lecturer(s)

Having a photo and bio of yourself or your team or a short video introducing yourself or your team to students provides them with a sense of who you are and creates social presence. This also helps to build rapport with your students and sets the stage for instructional continuity.

Contact information

Tell students how they can reach you and the process for responses. Perhaps you take 24h to 48h to respond, or you will only use announcements to send out key information. Giving clear instructions helps to set expectations.

Note: This information will also be displayed in the Unit Preview for students to see.

Key information to highlight to students

Key dates

If there are any important dates that you want students to know from the beginning, you can put this in the welcome or overview section.

Online Sessions

Provide a link to Zoom instructions for students, include any resources to support the technology being used for the online session and let students know how and when to access the live session.

Academic or student support services

Provide students with links to academic and support services that would be relevant to your unit. Monash has an array of services for students to support them on a variety of topics. In these Monash Resources you will notice a section for Supporting your students, use this information to help you select the appropriate resources.