View Forum summary reports

The Forum summary report allows you to view data about student activity in forums including the number of discussions, number of replies, number of attachments, number of views, word count, character count and the date of the earliest post and most recent post. You can use the forum summary report to monitor which students are not participating in the forum activity and can send a message to students to check in with them.

  1. In the top right of your forum, click on the settings cog.
  2. Click on Forum summary report.
  3. With the Forum selected drop down list, choose a forum. You can select All forums in unit to view forum activity data aggregated over all forums in the unit.
    Note: You cannot export forum posts from the All forums in unit view from the Forum summary report. However, you can export multiple forums using the Forum Export. For more information, see the Export forum report section in Forum actions.
  4. Click the Dates button to specify a timeframe. Check the Enable checkboxes, choose From and To dates and then click Save. The Dates button will display your specified start and end dates. To reset your Dates, uncheck the Enable checkboxes.
  5. In the Export posts column, click Export to export students forums posts.
  6. To send messages, select students with the checkboxes and the from the With selected… drop down list select Send a message. 
  7. To download the forum summary report, select a format from the Download table data drop down list and then click Download.

View all forums in a unit

When you add an Activities Block you will have a Forums button appear. When you click on the forums button, a new window will appear that shows you all your Forums, the number of discussions and the number of unread posts. This will allow you a quick way to access all your forums in your unit.

For more information on adding the Activities block, see Add Blocks in Moodle.