Create a learning pathway using labels

Step 1: Decide on the learning pathway

When setting up your Moodle unit, it is important to decide how students are going to navigate through your Moodle unit and when they should be accessing resources and completing tasks. A learning pathway is one way that you can create consistency through your unit and let students know what needs to be done when.

Here are some examples of learning pathway headers you can use:

  • Pre-class / in-class / post-class
  • Pre-online class activities /Online class /  Post-class activity
  • Prepare/ explore/ apply
  • Discover/ Apply/ Experience / Discuss / Reflect / Explore

Step 2: Create the learning pathway headers in your Moodle unit

There are two ways that you can create a header in your Moodle unit using a Label. Option 1 is the easiest way to create a custom header.

Step 3: Repeat the same learning pathway on all topics/weeks

Once you have set up the labels for the learning pathway for the section, topic or week, you will want to repeat these throughout the topics/weeks for consistency.

Duplicate label and move it to other section

This option works well for headers that you do not want to alter and want to use as is.

  1. Go to the label you want to duplicate and click on Edit
  2. Select Duplicate
  3. You will now see two labels that look the same, you can move the duplicated one to the desired section, topic or week by selecting the icon on the left of the label and dragging it to the new location

  4. You would need to repeat this process for all the labels. This can also be done for the custom labels with your icons.

Step 4: Provide clear instructions

Under each section, provide clear expectations and instructions on what they are supposed to do. You can also place this information in the label under the header.

For example:

Pre-class (header)

Over the following weeks we will look at the various body systems in depth, but for now we will start with homeostasis, which is the way in which these systems interact to maintain a normal internal environment in the body. This week there are two pre class tasks for you to complete. It is expected that you complete these tasks before the workshop.

Credit: Dana Bui, Educational Designer, Faculty of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences