Access H5P analytics

If you have H5P activities in Moodle you can use the data collected to see students progress, engagement and interactions. There are three methods for collecting data about student interaction with H5P activities in Moodle.

Collect data on opening the activity

All Moodle activities can collect data about whether a student has clicked, and presumably opened the activity. Regardless of the H5P activity you can see if a student has opened it. For H5P activities that don’t have a score, this may often be the only type of analytical data you can capture.

The Moodle Activity completion guide has more information about using this process for any Moodle activity.

Collect data on completing the activity

The progress of students completing H5P activities can be tracked and stored in the Moodle gradebook for some types of H5P activities. A gradebook record is automatically created for any H5P activity placed in a unit that has a score.

For some H5P activity types, a simple score is recorded, typically ‘1’ for complete and ‘0’ for incomplete. This can be combined with Moodle activity completion to record a student who has finished a H5P activity, regardless of a specific score.

Unlike Moodle native quizzes, H5P can’t require a specific grade (eg. 75%) to be completed as an activity completion setting.

Collect data on a specific score

For some types of H5P activities, a specific score can be recorded that reflects a student’s ability to complete the H5P task.  The score recorded is related to the number of correct responses that the user can take.

For example, if you have five draggable objects that need to be correctly placed, the user can get a total score of five.

Some H5P activities allow this total score to be replaced with a simple ‘1’ for the task being completed.  This may be useful if you just need to know ‘complete’ or ‘incomplete’ student progress, and can tie into the activity completion option above.

You can also remap the H5P score to a different scale for the Moodle gradebook in the Moodle settings.  This section also allows you to assign a category for the score in the gradebook.

These features may be useful for several purposes:

You can put all formative tasks into a separate category eg. “formative” in the gradebook and weigh all of the tasks to be worth 0%.  This means you can track student progress, but this won’t affect summative grades. More details about setting up and using the gradebook can be found in the gradebook guide.