Weighting aggregation

Final grades for a unit need to be expressed as a percentage so that they can be sent to Callista for students. Often, your unit setup is not so simple that all your grades can just be added together to give a final percentage. If you have a grade setup that is not this straightforward, you can use an aggregation method inside the Gradebook so that Moodle can convert your grade to a percentage for you.

The recommended aggregation method is Weighted Mean of Grades, which allows assessment tasks to be marked out of 100 (or whatever you like), and then scaled in the Gradebook using 'Weighted Means'. The advantages of this method are that grades can be scaled to their weight and it does not matter if all the assessments don't comply with the conditions necessary for the Natural or Simple Weighted Mean of Grades method to work.

From Semester 1, 2020 Weighted Mean of Grades is now the default aggregation method when you create a new unit or category. Weighted Mean of Grades is also the required aggregation method if you wish to use the automated Hurdles function in Gradebook.

Access aggregation methods in Gradebook

  1. Open the navigation menu and select Grades.

  2. Select the Setup tab and then select Gradebook setup.

  3. Refer to the Unit Settings panel to check your unit's current Gradebook aggregation. If required, click on the settings cog in the top left corner to change the aggregation.

Other aggregation methods

Note: None of the below aggregation methods are recommended, unless otherwise specified by your faculty administrators.