Supporting your students

How to support your students

Take accessibility into account when creating your H5P

Accessibility is the practice of making learning content available to the widest possible group of users and taking into account any barriers that may impede access. This can involve a wide range of options from assistive technologies, such as screen reading software, to interface design, such as navigation, text colour or font choices.

H5P has built in features that allow you to add accessibility features such as alternative text. When creating your H5P activities, consider the following:

  • Add Alternative Text to images (provide a description of the image)
  • Keep it simple and clear.  Do not overload sentences with grammatical structures and minimise the use of compound sentences
  • Break down information into smaller chunks
  • Use high contrast colours
  • Use closed captioning for videos
  • Ensure the links and navigation are clearly described. You can change the navigation and labels of buttons in H5P to better match the action, for example instead of “verify” you may want to use “submit”

Note that some types of activities are less accessible than others when using a screen reader. Drag and drop activities are the least accessible and may require you to provide an alternative activity for those students who are registered with Disability Support Services (DSS).

Provide clear instructions

With any self-paced online activity, it is important that you provide students with clear instructions and explanations on the task and whether this will be assessed or not. H5P has a section in the activity to add instructions, take advantage of this to let students know what they are to do. For example, let students know if they need to drag items from one column to another or select a hotspot in an image.

Use the automated integrated feedback

H5P has a built in system that allows you to create custom feedback for the different types of activities and question types. By providing clear and meaningful feedback into the activities, students will be able to learn from it and adapt their knowledge and understanding based on the feedback.

What resources and services are available to students

Student Support: Learning online

This Student Support guide provides Monash students with information about studying online. They have resources on study support, specialist support, learning technologies, enrolments, units and timetables, resources to study successfully online.

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