Export Forums

There are two ways to export forum posts. One export method (top) allows you to specify start and end dates and export posts in a wide range of formats, while the other export option (bottom) allows you to download attachments and offers a printer-friendly export option.

  1. In the top right of your forum, click on the settings cog.
  2. Click on Export (top) or Export (bottom).

Export (top) - with specific dates

  1. From the Users drop down list, you can choose to export All users or select a specific student. By default, this is set to All users.
  2. From the Discussions drop down list, you can choose to export All discussions or choose to export a specific forum discussion.
  3. From the Format drop down list, select the preferred export format. If you would like to export attachments, see Export method 1.
  4. Under Export options, it is recommended that you tick the Remove HTML and Human-readable dates checkboxes.
  5. When ready to Export, click Export.

Export (bottom)

  1. From the drop down lists, you can choose to export:
    1. All discussions or an individual discussion thread
    2. All participants or individual participants
  2. This will allow you to export selected posts or all posts.
  3. In Export format, from the drop down list you can select:
    1. Print: Export posts in a printer friendly format which you can print out.
      Note: You can note export attachments in the Print export format.
    2. CSV: Posts are displayed in sequence in rows, with student ID, subject line, author, date and time, post text, attachments and any private replies.
    3. Plain text: Posts are displayed in sequence, with subject line, author, date and time and text of forum post.
  4. Select the Export attachments checkbox to optionally download any attachments included in forum posts. Attachments will be downloaded as a .zip folder.
  5. Click Export

Export forum discussions and view a detailed summary report of student activity.