Exportable long-form text

Exportable long-form text allows you to create an activity with an input text box that can be exported in a Word document. This is great for student generated content such as reflections, essay writing, or reports.

For instance, you could get students to complete the H5P presentation activity with interactive questions, then complete some form of written assignment at the end of the presentation that they can export into a Word document and upload to a Moodle Assignment for marking.

Here are the steps to create an Exportable long-form text activity:

  1. Inside the H5P Course Presentation add a new slide.
  2. In the slide menu bar, click the three dots to show more options.
  3. Click the pen icon to choose Exportable text area.
  4. Give a name as the heading/label for the text field where students will enter their answer. For example, “Describe your technical skills”.
  5. The Comments field can be used either to provide prompts OR automated feedback, depending on the display settings chosen.
    • If using the Comments field to provide prompts to students, enter a prompt and click on Always display comments. Prompts will display small clickable question marks in the corner of the text box (highlighted in the image below.)
    • If using the Comments field to provide automated feedback, tick Include comments in the exported document and untick Always display comments. Your general feedback will be visible only when students answered the questions and exported the document as a word document at the end of the presentation.
  6. Click and drag to place the exportable text area on the slide. You can place several text areas on one slide, but more than four is not recommended.
  7. On the final slide of the presentation, students will have the option to export the file as a word document.

Note: The exportable file could be used for them to keep as a record or have them submit it as part of an assignment task.